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Taylor Merritt builds on grandparents' grit and entrepreneurship

Under Merritt's leadership, Merritt Aluminum Products' profit has increased by a staggering 27%. Not only that, but in ensuring a winning company culture, the company is thriving.

Alina Nikishina is making accounting more engaging

Nikishina's recently launched startup, The Mastery Network, has transformed accounting-related topics and concepts into a fully functioning, engaging and creative e-learning program.

Sarah Tiedeken O'Brien leads with mentorship in mind

In eight years, Sarah Tiedeken O’Brien has climbed the ranks from entry-level employee to project architect and interior designer, and is now the youngest member of the executive team as a partner and owner.

Megan Durning is bridging divides to bring better healthcare

During her tenure with SCL Health and Lutheran Medical Center, she has executed business plans for new clinical programs and program enhancements that have resulted in important new sources of revenue for the hospital.

How Clay Guillory turned his passion into profit

Guillory’s 3D dream has come a long way in five years, from a humble garage-based hobby to a team of 22 selling large-format printers worldwide

Saul Huerta's professional success stems from his philanthropy

First-generation college student Saul Huerta became a Greenhouse Scholar in 2008. Now, he’s in charge of finance and accounting for three different entities within the Greenhouse Family of Companies.

Hannah Krieger: Building everyday mentors for Colorado youth

As MENTOR Colorado’s executive director, Krieger has championed and grown quality improvement programs for 21 youth mentoring agencies.

Andrew Lyon is a trailblazer in financial data

Lyon is an artist, but he’s also a numbers guy. In 2013, he founded Focused Energy to help businesses succeed by providing financial services and support.

Melanie Lewis Dickerson reaches for large-scale social change

As a portfolio manager with Community Solutions, Dickerson has led the development of the organization’s far-reaching advisory portfolio on large-scale social change. In addition, she serves as the president of the Metro Denver Homeless Initiative.

Nadia Garas steers Denver in a positive direction

Garas’ professional journey has meant serving as communications point person for some of Colorado’s most consequential transportation projects.

Michael Walters: A change-agent for retail banking

Michael Walters’ branch bank looks nothing like the one grandma used to visit. His financial wellness center model includes no bank tellers.

Nick Armstrong is growing Fort Collins with his enterprises

Armstrong’s achievements include bringing a local comic convention to Fort Collins and managing a $25,000 neighborhood arts project, as well as helping thousands of local small business people understand and apply social media marketing.
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