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How businesses can access capital during the COVID-19 Crisis

The current economic climate is unsettling for many businesses. Startups and small businesses are the first to feel the brunt of economic downturns. How do you find resources to cover payroll, rent, and other operational costs? We’ve compiled public and private resources to help.

Row the boat to build wealth

Rowing a boat is not easy. We must keep the oars in the water, learn from the past, keep moving forward in the right direction and have a plan. Over time, the destination will be reached. While building wealth, it is important to define the destination or financial dreams.

Social Security Considerations: Spousal and Survivor Benefits

Strategies for married couples used to be complex, but those have been phased-out for anyone born on or after Jan. 2, 1954. However, there are still some strategies to consider.

The Dominoes are Wobbling – A Technical Recession

The first two months of the year showed signs of economic improvement. However, this recession will not be caused by the typical factors: economic imbalances, excess, inflation and increasing interest rates. It will be caused by “black swans”, or shocks.

Is it possible to get an education without debt?

Education is society’s silver bullet. Not only does it make us better as a whole, but it makes us better employees and business owners and it can lift people out of poverty. But what is the purpose of education? And is it for everyone?

What It Takes to Be an Equity Investor

Ironically, eleven years to the day that the stock market bottomed at the crescendo of the 2008-2009 financial crisis, we’re on the precipice of another bear market.

Is now the time to invest in your business?

For business owners, the last few years have seen shifting trends, opportunities and challenges — from tax law changes and increased M&A activity, to technology advances and low unemployment. These changes impact how, and if, owners decide to reinvest in the company.

Top secrets to landing a higher job offer

When executives interview, it’s imperative to go in knowing what they want as a salary as well as having plenty of proof they are worth it. Many go in without this and it costs them dearly. Here are top secrets to getting a higher job offer that executives should follow.

The Epiphany of Yield on Cost

Ultimately, the retirement income puzzle is one of trajectory, with wildly divergent—and consequential — outcomes.

Research and Development Expenditures: Timing is Everything Under New Tax Rules

Historically, taxpayers been able to elect to deduct or capitalize these costs in the year they were paid or incurred, under Section 174(a) or Rev. Proc. 2000-50. For tax years beginning after Dec. 31, 2021, the revised Section 174 rules will require taxpayers to capitalize and amortize all R&D costs.

Irrational exuberance is taking over the stock market

Irrational exuberance is a state of mania when stocks increase regardless of deteriorating fundamentals or uncertainty. When this happens, greed, overconfidence, and fear of missing out takes over the mind of investors. What can investors do when irrational exuberance takes over the stock market?

Investment Risk: As in life, courage pays off

Ultimately, the real key to successful investing is to have the courage to buy regularly – even when others are fearful and hold your investments for a long time. History has proven that upping one's comfort in investing pays off, over time.
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