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How to navigate office leases during COVID-19

As food and beverage and retail companies adjust to new methods of delivering their services and products to consumers, office tenants are experiencing a huge shift towards working from home for their employees.

The real estate risk no one is talking about

The explosive growth in nightly rentals has exposed (no pun intended) millions of property owners to a new risk due to the virus fallout. What impact will rental owners see in the coming months?

What does the future hold for Colorado mountain communities?

Fortunately, long term, the mountain communities will come back even stronger as they are very desirable places to both live and recreate. Even with some short-term defaults, the market will rapidly absorb these properties if they ultimately turn into foreclosures due to the lack of inventory.

Ask a Realtor: What goes into purchasing a rental property in the mountains?

This process may seem to complicate the acquisition of your property, but the plan of using it as an investment/lifestyle property requires more diligence as different liabilities may arise. Here’s what you need to know.

The best places to buy real estate in Colorado

People want to live in Colorado, and when they get there, those people need places to live. So, if you’re a real estate investor, where should you buy property in Colorado?

How mobile home parks could solve the affordable housing crisis

Manufactured housing communities (mobile home parks) have provided affordable housing to individuals and families since the 1950s. Manufactured homes meet the needs of those who want to live in the comfort of a single-family home but often cannot afford the associated mortgage or rent payment.

Denver is the safest city in America

A study by Clever Real Estate came to this conclusion after looking at the 50 largest metro areas in the U.S. through the lens of five differently-weighted core metrics: violent crime rate, property crime rate, natural disasters, drinking water violations and transportation fatalities.

In the shadow of Vail Resorts' success, Granby Ranch folds

Vail Resorts’ recent earnings update further solidifies the rapidly changing ski industry. The biggest players have figured out how to hedge their revenue with early pass sales regardless of weather conditions. Smaller resorts may not make it financially.

How subletting can revitalize your law firm's vacant space

Shadow space for law firms should be a thing of the past. Subletting space is not a new idea in commercial real estate, but it can be novel to many law firm equity partners. Filling vacant offices in a large law firm through strategic subleasing arrangements with small law firms is already successfully happening in Denver.

The skinny on jumbo mortgages: What you need to know

If you’ve purchased a large home, vacation property or live in a city where home prices are above the national average, chances are you’ve taken out a jumbo mortgage. You just may not know that’s what it’s called.

Ask a Realtor: Is sooner better than later for listing a home?

Being aware of your options and how to best present your home to potential buyers, including market value pricing, will help increase your ability to sell your home in a timely manner to the right buyer.

Pitkin County takes aim on high-energy mansions

Aspen joins Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins among the 31 jurisdictions across the United States that employ energy benchmarking as a tool for driving down building energy use.
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