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Kate Bailey applies journalistic lessons to entrepreneurial pursuits

Kate Bailey launched her career as a reporter-editor at two ColoradoBiz sister publications. Like many in the media industry, she went to the “dark side” in the fall of 2013, entrepreneurially evolving her journalistic skills to craft her own public relations firm, largely serving luxury and lifestyle brands, including multiple Inc. 500 companies.

The latest coronavirus updates and how they're affecting Colorado businesses

With daily changes to policies, regulations and lifestyle, ColoradoBiz is dedicated to bringing you the latest news affecting employers and employees. Today, advice for landlords on offering rent relief.

Idaho Springs transforms as the hub for a tourism reboot

Idaho Springs, the largest and closest to Denver of four Clear Creek mountain towns, is the first to capitalize on the two hottest emerging tourism sectors: More than 70% of the county is public lands, and its legacy was earned in gold, silver and molybdenum.

Going big — again — at the Broadmoor

The latest addition to the Broadmoor is a 93,000-square-foot exhibit hall, the largest facility of its kind in Colorado Springs. The new space will lend itself to symposiums, trade shows, exhibits and other large events that will draw new visitors to the Springs.

FoodMaven launches consumer grocery with FoodMaven Warehouse

FoodMaven is temporarily opening its inventory to consumers this week to support food security in Colorado communities. Bulk food items will be available from FoodMaven through a pickup or delivery option.

Denver Announces Initial Economic Relief Package for Businesses, Employees

The City and County of Denver is committed to identifying, developing and implementing local programs, including financial and wrap-around services, to support Denver business owners and their employees affected by the city’s public health response to COVID-19. The city is creating an initial relief fund of $4 million to support small businesses during this time

How coronavirus will affect the private cannabis market

History has shown us that in any market disruption, panic-induced decision making rarely benefits investors, and that huge wealth is truly created after market downturns. While many investors will be too fearful of the current economic conditions to invest, those who have the confidence to deploy capital in cannabis investments today might benefit tremendously over the long term.

Colorado tech leaders make joint statement regarding COVID-19

All of Colorado industries have been banding together to fight the rising coronavirus pandemic. And on March 13, Bryan Leach, founder and CEO of Ibotta, alongside 37 other Colorado technology company CEOs co-signed a statement on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the state.

Clean energy when the sun goes down and the wind isn’t blowing

Atlanta-based Emrgy recently opened a sales office in Boulder and hopes for much more work in Western states and provinces. Using satellite technology, Emrgy has mapped and evaluated 15,000 miles of irrigation canals in 10 states, starting in California and moving east.

Community offers resources, support to creatives amid COVID-19 lockdown

Amid the outbreak and lockdown, the community has come together to find resources for the creative industry to manage the impact of the crisis. Bonfils-Stanton Foundation, TRG Arts and CBCA are rising to provide resources and aid to those cultural organizations and artists that are affected.

Norwich University postpones grand opening of new facility in Denver

Norwich University’s College of Graduate and Continuing Studies postponed the grand opening event of its Denver office on March 25. Norwich University is tentatively planning to reschedule the event for fall 2020.

NSCD celebrates 50 years of innovation and adaptability

Adaptability and innovation has carried the NSCD through fifty years, enabling the organization to serve over 150,000 children and adults living with disabilities. Through the organization’s programming, it has helped these individuals get outdoors and participate in the sports and activities that draw people to the Rocky Mountains.
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