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Management & Leadership

The ultimate CEO toolkit

Effective facilitation takes some methodology and practice. If you (and your people) think your meetings suck, you’re probably not facilitating well. That’s fixable.

Sales & Marketing

The less said the better (sometimes)

Rather than overwhelm customers and clients with daily reminders that “we’re all in this together,” consider saying nothing. While this is not your typical public relations advice, right now, it’s worthwhile communication that will speak volumes to your audience.

Human Resources

The business case for uncomfortable workplace conversations

Today’s workplaces are not immune to the conversations taking place in American society; some of which may make some employees uncomfortable and even lead to conflict. With this in mind, is there a business case for having workplace conversations about racism and equity that may make some employees uncomfortable?

Are you spring cleaning your business?

Spring cleaning can – and should – extend beyond your home. Business leaders should spend time engaging in financial, mental, logistical – and still a little physical – spring refresh for their company.


How to handle your student loans during the pandemic

While the goal of the CARES Act is to provide relief to Americans during this pandemic, it’s also given rise to many questions about how this act will help individuals and communities in time of need, especially when it pertains to ongoing debt payments such as student loans.


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