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Most Powerful Salespeople 2019: Net2Source's Ajeta Sinha

In the past three years, she has helped grow revenue from $15 million to $35 million for the company


The Most Powerful Salespeople is an annual list from ColoradoBiz highlighting the outstanding performance of nine salespeople around Colorado. The 2019 sales standouts were selected by our editorial board from nominations submitted over several months on Coloradobiz.com, based on sales performance, persistence demonstrated in achieving or surpassing sales goals, and factors such as challenges surmounted or indications of exceptional effort to get deals done.

Ajeta Sinha, 33

Senior VP of Strategic Relationships, Net2Source

Sinha has been a key player for Net2Source, a global workforce management company, since she became VP of sales in 2015. In the past three years, she has helped grow revenue from $15 million to $35 million for the company, which was founded in 2007. Last year, her sales revenue topped $50 million, an increase of $15 million over the previous year.

“For me, sales is all about being passionate, being different, partnering, adding value; building life-long relationships, being a part of something meaningful that challenges me to push my limits,” Sinha says. “The ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is no longer acceptable, and every day you have to strive to be better than you were yesterday. That can only happen when you are open to learning and embracing new things. I learned from experience that leading with empathy is the best way to attain success in business, and by cultivating and advocating a culture that prioritizes the human element, you can truly make a difference.”

How has the sales profession been impacted by the internet and greater access to information that customers now have?

“In today’s world, Google has become every salesperson’s best friend. Technology has made us more aware and informed, and by and large shrunken the boundaries by providing information at the fingertips. Customers have more choices, more autonomy to make decisions. These days, decisions are much more calculated and focused on value addition. If you are not convinced, you cannot convince others.”

Favorite sales book:

“Life is a tough teacher, and it’s an ongoing learning process. My best lessons are learned from my experiences, decisions made, mistakes. I strongly advocate learning from people, environment, situations, hardships, blunders. They teach you to be stronger, wiser and smarter. No school, no college, no book can impart the toughest lessons life teaches you. I am an avid reader, and most of my time is spent reading articles from HBR (Harvard Business Review) or Forbes or LinkedIn postings.”

Biggest misconception about sales:

“It’s a long-time persistence paying off eventually. No one is born a successful salesperson. The success you see or hear about is just the tip of the iceberg. Beneath lies the endless hours of hard work, sleepless nights, unbearable rejections, undying patience and dusting yourself off after every defeat. The misconception is that a successful salesperson is always successful, or you can close deals on one call, that there is a secret recipe to cracking deals, or it’s just about luck always. Many times it boils down to perfect ‘timing,’ which people think of as luck. If the time is right, people can pay extra to get a resolution to their problem. You just have to keep an eye on connecting when the timing is right.”

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Mike Taylor

Mike Taylor is the editor of ColoradoBiz magazine. Email him at mtaylor@cobizmag.com.

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