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Faces of IT Services: Live Consulting

At Live Consulting, IT is more than ones, zeros, software and servers


Left to Right: Tony Miller, Co-founder and Nick Nyberg, Co-founder

Faces of IT Services: Live Consulting

2941 W 19th Ave, Denver, CO 80204


Many companies think of I.T. (information technology) as just ones, zeros, software and servers ... but at LIVE, I.T. is all about people. That’s more than just a motto; it’s a mantra that owners Nick and Tony demonstrate daily and promote within their team.

LIVE was founded in 2004 with the goal of serving small- and medium-sized businesses with the same level of service as what large corporations can afford. The company hires great people who provide great service, which enables partner companies to conquer their technology challenges. This includes challenges ranging from resetting a password to helping reboot a server that is down. 

When working with LIVE, clients from a variety of industries receive access to a help desk that is staffed by local admins with a wide variety of expertise; unlimited network support; a team of admins and technology managers dedicated to a company; emergency response services; and onsite visits and support from the LIVE's admins and engineers.

This focus on providing Colorado’s small and midsize businesses with enterprise-grade I.T. solutions and service is why LIVE is adding a second Best of Colorado for IT Support accolade to their collection of national and industry-wide awards.

(This sponsored content was provided by LIVE Consulting.)

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