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Stapleton Medical Weight Loss Expert Helps You Where You Are [VIDEO]

Behind the Biz: How Dr. Angela Tran’s career detour is transforming people’s lives


There are endless weight loss programs and facilities out there, most promising quick and easy ways to drop the pounds, and a lot of them fail to produce the promised results. Dr. Angela Tran is seeking to change this with her medical weight loss center, Med-Fit.

After years of experience treating a number of medical issues and ailments with prescriptions, Dr. Tran took a career detour as she realized that improper weight management was at the center of most of these ailments.

In the video above, Dr. Tran talks to videographer/interviewer Scott Cowperthwaite about the ways that Med-Fit is seeking to reverse medicine and redefine what it means to be healthy.

“I’m in the business of transformation,” Dr. Tran says, adding that her approach is from the inside out. Med-Fit looks beyond just food and exercise to finding and building the mindset, support and behaviors that will drive a true transformation for each patient.

This interview was conducted by Scott Cowperthwaite as part of a new series with ColoradoBiz, "Behind the Biz,” in which Cowperthwaite profiles Colorado companies on location, asking questions and telling stories that get to the heart of what makes each business tick. Book yours today.

(This sponsored content is paid for by Med-Fit.)

Scott Cowperthwaite is a fifth-generation Colorado native, business veteran, TV host and interviewer specializing in making others shine. Scott has operated and launched companies of all sizes and types and is a management, operational and development pro. Scott’s greatest strength and joy is bringing out the best in the people he interviews and helping share their incredible stories!

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