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GenXYZ 2015: Mario Rodriguez


The DJ

Mario Rodriguez

38 | DJ Chonz

Known as DJ Chonz, Mario Rodriguez has led KS-1075 to No. 1 rankings in various categories, including afternoon and night slots he hosts for the 18 to 34 demographic. The hip-hop DJ has worked with various artists from Dr. Dre to Eminem, Snoop Dogg, ’Lil Wayne and Drake. He shares his connections and knowledge with up-and-coming artists to educate them about the industry and continually works to promote other talent and bring the positive aspects of music to his community.

Biggest achievement

“Being in the music industry for 20-plus years. It’s an accomplishment to do what you love to do. I’m doing everything I love to do, whether it’s music or coordinating an event.”

Making an impact

“I’m impacting youth now. That’s my main focus. We throw community events that provide alternatives to bad decisions.”

Role models

“Everybody that I’ve worked with at the station. I come from a background as a club DJ and they took a chance on someone with no experience at all. Everyone at the radio station has been a mentor.”

Best advice

“If you’re not in the industry, you’re in the streets. You have to keep on the pulse of what goes on in the streets, the next trend.”


Family time.

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Margaret Jackson

Margaret Jackson is an award-winning journalist who spent nearly 25 years in the newspaper industry, including seven years as a business reporter for The Denver Post covering residential and commercial real estate. She can be reached at myjackson7@gmail.com.

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