Alex Koenigsberg is raising the bar in grant funding

Alex Koenigsberg is one of the Top 5 Young Professionals of 2021
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Alex Koenigsberg, 34

President and Founder, Arula | Fort Collins

Alex Koenigsberg was coasting through community college when he reconnected with his best friend, Kevin Burrell, home after four years in the Marines.

And everything changed.

Maybe it was the military, or maybe he just grew up, but Kevin was far more focused and driven than either of us had ever been,” Koenigsberg says. I was inspired.”

So he finished community college in one semester, earned a four-year degree in business administration and got his first adult” job.

I essentially created more opportunity for myself in a few short years than I had in my entire life prior—all thanks to an example set by my best friend,” Koenigsberg says of Burrell, now an aerospace engineer. I 100% owe Kevin for where I am today.”

Today, Koenigsberg is the founder and president of Arula, which started as a nonprofit consulting and grant-writing company with a unique fee structure that collects fully only if the grant is successful.

His 50% success rate has raised more than $1.3 million in grant funding for clients including nonprofits ChildSafe Colorado, Idea Wild and Living Her Legacy. Koenigsberg also serves as business development officer for two for-profits, Quorum Prosthetics and The Dough Bar, which has increased sales by 30%.

His No. 1 goal: To be a positive role model for the next generation.”

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