Andrew Lyon is a trailblazer in financial data

Andrew Lyon is one of the Top 25 Young Professionals of 2020

Photo by Jeff Nelson.

Andrew Lyon, 32

Founder/Managing Partner | Focused Energy


Drew Lyon is an artist known for bold canvases splashed with everything from spray paint to ink. But he’s also a numbers guy. In 2013, he founded Focused Energy to help businesses succeed by providing financial services and support.

“I am able to help people define and reach goals that they previously didn’t think attainable,” Lyon says. “This work enables me to be deeply engaged, solving challenging and difficult situations that require collaboration with all stakeholders.”

In the last five years, FE has secured more than $50 million in funding while saving clients thousands. Lyon gives back by serving on the board of the Emergency Family Assistance Association in Boulder, which helps those who need immediate food, shelter, and other basics while supporting their efforts toward self-sufficiency.

Recipe for success: “Start early — in your career and in your day — to ensure that you’re working as hard as you can toward your goals.”

Hear from Lyon himself about his path to success:

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