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Posted: September 18, 2013

2013 Top Company winner: Consulting

Gigi Sukin

Consulting & Professional Services

Winner: Faegre Baker Daniels LLP

From its Denver and Boulder offices, nearly 100 practicing attorneys serve the legal needs of the Rocky Mountain business community.


Innovating to improve the client experience is one way FBD strives to maintain a competitive advantage.

Biggest Challenge

With roots dating back to 1863, the never-ending task of staying abreast of an ever-changing legal and regulatory environment allows FBD to provide clients expert counsel to make sound business decisions.

Greatest Achievement

Expansion into global markets while maintaining shared ideas, a client-focused culture and similar values across oceans and borders.

Looking Forward

With a continued focus on pro bono work, sponsorships and charitable contributions, FBD hopes to help enrich the communities in which its team members live and work.


Superior-based SDL’s technology and services have helped brands make better business and product decisions since 1992, using data to execute global campaigns more effectively.


Many businesses lack the global resources and know-how to analyze multilingual data and execute on insights in a timely fashion. SDL’s approach to developing a customer experience strategy is to use three frameworks: insights, orchestration and contextual experiences to deliver relevant products and services and enhance the customer experience on a global scale.

Biggest Challenge

The biggest challenge for customers is to process and understand multilingual data and implement actionable processes to meet expectations.

Greatest Achievement

Partnering with 42 of the top 50 global brands, SDL makes it a part of its mission to engage in charitable practices in impoverished communities such as Ethiopia, Uganda and others.

Quote of Note

“It’s important to our foundation and to me personally that enriching our communities is not just something we do, but something we live.” – Tatiana Harrison, vice president of sales and operations for the Americas.


DBAK Solutions

Englewood-based DBAK is a technology consulting company and Oracle License Reseller. Co-founded in 2005, the company leverages senior-level consultants known for software and technology expertise, as well as business savvy.


DBAK brings local resources to local projects, whereas competitors often use outsourcing, offshoring and geographically dispersed consultants. The organization is able to keep customers’ costs low, honor commitments and deliver high-quality services.

Biggest Challenge

Retaining the “right people,” and finding top talent.

Greatest Achievement

DBAK prides itself on encouraging a work-life balance, respecting its teams’ personal and family priorities.

Quote of Note

“We help people solve complex problems much faster than other companies, and we only feel successful if the whole project is successful.” – Frank Bommarito, co-founder and chief services officer.

Gigi Sukin is an Associate Editor at ColoradoBiz. She can be reached at

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