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Posted: September 17, 2013

2013 Top Company winner: RE-Construction

Gigi Sukin

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Winner: Oakwood Homes LLC

Oakwood is considered one of Colorado and the nation’s premier luxury home builders and master-planned community developers, having built more than 10,000 homes since its inception in 1991.


Oakwood manufactures its own wall and roof systems to ensure quality and a systematic approach to its business.

Greatest Achievement

One of Oakwood’s many successes includes receiving the National Housing Quality Award.

Looking Forward

The builder’s 2020 vision is to build another 5,000 homes annually in multiple markets and leave lasting impacts on each community it touches.

Quote of Note

“The team at Oakwood Homes has worked hard at establishing a corporate culture that is focused on building top-quality homes in growing communities and continuing to lead as innovators in the industry.” – Pat Hamill, Oakwood Homes chairman and CEO.



LEI Companies Inc.

Denver-based LEI is an electrical contractor and energy solution provider.


Internally, LEI considers its biggest differentiator its commitment to “elevating what’s expected,” including profits, productivity, performance and a focus on customer satisfaction.

Biggest Challenge

Supporting smart growth while maintaining a stable culture, mission and values proves challenging.

Looking Forward

Giving back is an important part of LEI’s mission, and the team looks forward to continually fulfilling the task of supporting its community.

Quote of Note

“The electrical market in Denver is ever-changing and companies like ours are successful because we continue to harness innovative strategies that ensure solutions for all our stakeholders’ success.”
– Brandon Berumen, LEI’s president.


BluSky Restoration Contractors Inc.

Roughly 10-year-old BluSky Restoration stresses that it does not build things, it rebuilds, with services spanning commercial and residential restoration, renovation, environmental and roofing nationwide.


As far as the Centennial-based company knows, it is the only restoration company to use a Net Promoter Score system to track customer service performance, holding itself accountable to a high level of satisfaction.

Greatest Achievement

BluSky attributes the bulk of its growth and success to word-of-mouth promotion, especially in the multi-family market and insurance industry.

Looking Forward

BluSky hopes to continue its run as the largest restoration company in Colorado and foster new business in other markets including Georgia, California, Kansas and Texas.

Quote of Note

“BluSky was founded on the values of traditional craftsmen and family-owned businesses. We value our differences and have fun while we work hard.” – Terry Shadwick, president and CEO.

Gigi Sukin is an Associate Editor at ColoradoBiz. She can be reached at

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