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Posted: September 10, 2013

2013 Top Company finalists: Technology

Companies on the cutting edge

Gigi Sukin



Zayo Group

Zayo Group provides bandwidth infrastructure services to wireless carriers, Web-based companies, health-care institutions, financial services and other industries.


Zayo focuses on providing fundamental infrastructure to entities that consume tremendous amounts of bandwidth. In contrast, the company’s competitors often view themselves as traditional telecom companies, focusing on providing a bundle of voice, Web and managed services.

Biggest Challenge

Zayo has acquired 25 companies since its founding in 2007. Integrating them into a single seamless network infrastructure has been a challenging undertaking.

Greatest Achievement

Zayo is proud that its business flourished throughout the 2008 financial crisis, growing every quarter and directly creating jobs for hundreds of people.

Looking Forward

Bandwidth is an essential resource in the 21st century, fueling innovation and economic development. Zayo’s future aspirations entail continuing to play a major role in the advancement of bandwidth for decades to come.



The database marketing and digital media specialists at Datalogix intend to leverage the power of purchase-based data to drive measurable sales on and offline.


DLX’s keys to success are its database, analytics, platform and ecosystem, customer relationships and cross-channel integration.

Biggest Challenge

Marketers’ digital ad budgets continue to climb as consumers spend more than 35 percent of their time online; however, 90 percent of purchases still happen in brick and mortar shops. That gap often leaves marketers unsure how to impact their digital audiences.

Greatest Achievement

Datalogix has revolutionized digital advertising measurement with DLX ROI, pioneering the ability to convert an offline database or mail file into a targeted online audience and measure the impact of a campaign. The culmination of the company’s digital transformation and breakthrough products has led to growth and revenue diversification. In the past four years, Datalogix has generated more than 50 percent of its revenue from digital media, whereas it previously was 100 percent direct-mail focused.

 Quote of Note

“Above all else, I look forward to coming to work each day to share in the ideas, energy and passion of our great team. The growth we are fortunate to be experiencing stems directly from our employees’ creativity and passion.” – Eric Roza, CEO.



SpotXchange provides a video advertising platform for publishers, allowing them to achieve maximum revenue potential for their inventory. With its technology the tech company has demonstrated there is a better way to sell digital video, with solutions that guarantee total transparency and real-time control in both the private and public marketplace.


SpotXchange created the first global video advertising marketplace with unparalleled transparency and the ability for publishers to gain actionable advertiser-level visability and insights. The organization also launched the first real-time bidding solution for video ads.

Biggest Challenge

The company’s leaders, CEO Mike Shehan and COO and CFO Steve Swoboda, initially struggled to raise funds for an online marketing company as result of the fallout from the dot-com crash. The evolution of the company concept tested its founders’ faith in their idea and required necessary pivots to get the business off the ground.

Greatest Achivement

SpotXchange delivered record-breaking revenue and ad impression growth in 2012. When comparing year-over-year growth, the company generated four times the number of bid requests to its real-time buying partners, more than 50 billion per month.

Quote of Note

“Colorado has become a hotbed for technology innovation, and we look forward to continuing to grow SpotXchange here while nurturing the local economy and the digital video advertising industry at large.” – Mike Shehan, CEO and co-founder.

Gigi Sukin is an Associate Editor at ColoradoBiz. She can be reached at

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