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Posted: March 30, 2012

Be S.M.A.R.T. about goals

They're crucial to your success

Gary Harvey

SMART goals are:





Time Bound/Deadline (short term and long term timelines)

Everyone knows we should all set goals to increase our chances for success, both personal and professional, right? Show me someone not achieving success in selling, and odds are it's related at least in part to a failure to set clearly defined, distinct goals. By writing SMART goals, we greatly increase the potential for success because they:

  • Motivate us to action
  • Help us attain what our hearts tell us is right for us
  • Create incentives within us to think, feel or act in certain ways
  • Trigger us toward appropriate behavior
  • Give us a compelling reasons to do the things we don’t really want to do

Ways to Reach a Goal Faster:

  • Break the goal down into “bit-sized” steps, and enjoy the momentum as you achieve each one. Celebrate each goal achieved regardless of size of goal.
  • A-line the goal to one of your values so that it becomes an expression of yourself rather than a project you’re working on.
  • Plan for the next goal you want to accomplish as you’re getting started on the immediate goal.
  • Develop an accountability/support system/partner to help you achieve your goal.
  • Do something each day that will advance you toward your goal.
  • Set up a “Reward System” for yourself – celebrate your achievements!
  • Be Flexible! Don’t be afraid to change/adapt the goal as circumstances unfold.
  • Journal/track your goals
  • Have a “what if ” plan that deals with alternatives in case a roadblock occurs to achieving your goal

Why do people fail to set goals?

  • Inability to grasp the enormous potential goal setting offers.
  • Fear of failure to accomplish goals, or of choosing wrong goals.
  • Lack of confidence in their ability to achieve goals
  • Fear of success – that achieving goals will bring about unwanted or unexpected changes.
  • Fear of creating yet more work.
  • Just plain lazy!

So if you’re not achieving the sales success you want, there are no doubt many reasons that can be the basis for this , however I can assure you part  is due to not having just goals, but SMART goals.

Gary Harvey is the founder and president of Achievement Dynamics, LLC, a high performance sales training, coaching and development company for sales professionals, managers and business owners. His firm is consistently rated by the Sandler Training as one of the top 10 training centers in the world. He can be reached at 303-741-5200, or



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