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Posted: February 25, 2009

Channel 7 and ColoradoBiz on “The Road to Recovery”

TV station and magazine team up on business stories


As the economy continues to challenge businesses and consumers, KMGH Channel 7 and ColoradoBiz are collaborating on stories that explore how businesses are coping – and succeeding – despite the downturn. Look for new installments of “The Road to Recovery” at 4:30 p.m. on Thursdays, during the second half of the 4 p.m. broadcast. You can also find them online at, where you can watch videos about raising urban chickens, an uptick in the auto repair business, the success of a bison meat producer, the expansion of a comedy club and the growing trend for “virtual” offices.

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Readers Respond

On the road to recovery does not exist if you are trying to compete with the government, NIST, Boulder continues to maintain a monopoly that intentionally hurts my business. NIST is supposed to be in the business of helping small business. In my case, they are doing everything they can to put me out of business. It seems that NIST, Deptment of Commerce is fine with competition until someone wants to compete with them. NIST, Boulder maintains a monopoly that forces customers to pay 45% more for the same product and services that my company offers. It seem ironic because my company and NIST use the same manufacturers to produce the product and pay the same price to the manufacturers. Government overheads and other government rules increase the price until it is almost double our price. If you are interested in this matter, please contact me. 303/666-9711 By Peggy Chavez Vigliotti on 2009 09 28
Why isn't the story on EZ Street Cold Asphalt and Colorado Asphalt Services, Inc. included in the list of stories on this site, which you used a few weeks ago as part of the "Road to Recovery" series? Just bison, etc.? Not only is it a cute pun on "Road to...", but EZ Street products are significant benefits in extending our governmental stimulus packages' "increasing the longevity and dollars" for our terrible roads. You should highlight and emphasize that story! By Wayne Leiser on 2009 03 17

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