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Posted: March 21, 2014

Cold-calling from the heart

Do it for a happier, healthier you

Sam Dobbins

Calling on decision makers takes a lot of heart.

You need the courage to pick up your phone and interrupt a busy person's day.  And you need the heart to make a solid connection with the decision maker who, in turn, will give his or her cooperation in your acquisition of valuable marketing information. This market intelligence will provide the kind of knowledge that determines which decision makers are worth pursuing for new business, and increase your personal successes.

So, how do you get past the fear of rejection and the worry about wasting an important person's time?  Try investing a few valuable minutes of your own in relaxing and visualizing your success. The following one-minute relaxation practice, called the Quick Coherence® Technique, is taught by Kathy Basel, holistic wellness coach and co-founder of Ideal Health Partners.

Kathy says “It’s easy to get stuck in your mind when cold-calling. You become focused on your own agenda.  But the best way to come across authentically is to connect from the heart level with the people on the other end of your call, beginning with the receptionist.  This will immediately set you apart from all the other sales people who are cold calling, and, more importantly, put you in a relaxed state where you can actively listen and learn from what is being said.  In short, you get into a rhythm athletes call "the zone."

Here is the easy three-step process:

Step 1: Focus – Focus your attention on the space around your heart, right in the center of your chest.  You may even want to put your hand on your heart to help you focus here.

Step 2: Breathe -- Inhale deeply but normally and feel as if your breath is passing directly in and out through your heart area. Breathe with ease until you find a natural inner rhythm that feels comfortable and good to you.

Step 3: Feel -- As you maintain your heart focus and heart breathing, think of a time when you had a positive feeling, something that really made you feel good inside.  It might be playing with the kids, walking in nature, a warm hug from a loved one.  Do your best to completely activate this feeling in your body again until you smile.

Now you're ready to pick up that phone and know that energetically your smile can be felt on the other side of the call. It’s remarkable. You’ll notice right away how people respond differently to you.

This process works well because it is based in research by an organization called the Institute of HeartMath (, a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to help establish heart-based living and global coherence by inspiring people to connect with the intelligence and guidance of their own heart. IHM's research has shown that the heart's electrical field is about 100 times stronger than the brain's, and the heart’s magnetic field is about 5,000 times stronger than the magnetic field of the brain.

Physiologically what happens as you breathe into this space is that you create balance in your thoughts and emotions. You achieve a neutral, poised state for clear thinking and authentic connection with others. The heart continuously pumps and generates a rhythm in your body, which influences the brain processes that control your nervous system, cognitive function, and emotions. More coherent heart rhythms allow you to access your higher intelligence. This improves your focus, creativity, intuition and higher-level decision-making. When you’re in heart-rhythm coherence, you perform at your best. You feel confident, positive, focused and calm, yet energized.

Now a simple cold call needn't be a stress point, but the true opportunity it is meant to be. And Quick Coherence benefits go well beyond cold calling. When you regularly use this health technique, you'll lessen the negative effects of daily frustrations, irritations, anxiety or stress–improving your overall health.

In short, cold call from the heart for a healthier, happier you.

For more information on HeartMath and Quick Coherence techniques, please contact Kathy Basel at

Sam Dobbins is the founder and president of the Cold Call King Sales Training Company, formed in 2004.  He is an active member of Business Marketing Association-Denver. Learn more at Reach Sam at or (303) 954-8553.

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Readers Respond

Great article. very good advice for those of us in sales. By Allen Rembert on 2014 03 29
Sam, you always communicate insightful truths. Your new book is great. Keep writing, I have a lot to learn. By Steve Dratz on 2014 03 27
Thanks Sam - Your article is educational and pleasing to the soul. A big smile with a big heart normally brings sincere prospects. Keep up the good work. By Tom Shoup on 2014 03 26
Sam, I get nervous just thinking about making cold calls. Now, I am going to focus on relaxing before I pick up the telephone to solicit for new business. Great Concept ! By Dwayne Cunningham on 2014 03 26
Sam, The concept of relaxing before I start my cold calls is certainly new to me. .I will let you know how it goes. .It can't hurt trying something new. Good Article ! By Wroy Kizer on 2014 03 26
Sam, this is a great article. Now I know how to relax before making my next cold call. It used to be very scary for me to call people. Now it's easy! By David Barber on 2014 03 26
Sam, I enjoyed reading your article and will be reaching out to you for some sales team could use to spend some time with the Cold Call King ! By Greg George on 2014 03 26
Sam, Good stuff.....I will share this article with my sales team and I will be calling you to schedule a cold call demonstration. By Brian Porter on 2014 03 26
Conrad, Don't get a big head,,,,,,you might be the Cold Call King, but I still kicked your butt back in high school write better than you played football Great Article ! By Dave Moylan on 2014 03 26
Cold Call King, Another excellent article.........keep up the great work. It is always a breath of fresh air when I read your articles on cold calling to generate new business over the telephone. By Bob Foster on 2014 03 26
Sam, When ever I have a question about making cold calls...... you are the guy that I always go to........keep writing and I will keep reading your articles. Great Article!!! By Bill Fischer on 2014 03 26
Sammy, You have forgotten more than I know about cold calling to grow my business. Thanks for all of your help over the are the Cold Call King !!! By John McBride on 2014 03 26
Sam......thanks for sharing your knowledge about business to business cold calling. Great article! By Rosemarie Ostberg on 2014 03 26
Sam ------ what a fantastic article ----- you are a true product of Alleman High School ----- yes indeed you are a true PIONEER ---- ONLY YOU CAN DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS SAM ----- YOU TOUCH MANY MANY PEOPLE BY THE ARTICLE THAT YOU HAVE WRITTEN ---- GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP UP THE WONDERFUL WORK THAT YOU DO/ Always Fr. Mirabelli By Fr.Daniel Mirabelli on 2014 03 26
What a great article! Cold calling has to be one of the most challenging types of sales calls there is, and it sounds like Mr. Dobbins knows exactly what it's all about. I read his other articles, too--they're full of great tips and techniques. I especially loved the Masarati one. He's nailed it! By Nancy Hutchins on 2014 03 26
Great advice! Getting centered and breathing really work. Reps should remember your comments in the second sentence. First, the call should be about getting information and making a connection. Selling comes later By garry duncan on 2014 03 26
Sam- Great article and well worth the read. By Allen Jeffrey on 2014 03 26
Sam -- Nice article and a great reminder that you can never go wrong when focusing on the heart. By Matt Wetstein on 2014 03 25
Great insight for all areas of life; specifically cold calling or any activity you're apprehensive about doing. Each morning, you should follow the three steps & say a little prayer. You have the beginnings of a great day. By Tom Weaver on 2014 03 25
Great article, Uncle Sam! Thank you for teaching me how to make Discovery Cold Calls! By Sean Dobbins on 2014 03 25
Nice article -know all about the zone and you must be a good listener! By Cathi Rogers on 2014 03 25
So true Sam! Getting in the right "place" puts you in the right place - and at the right time. Even if you catch a prospect at the "wrong" time, the personal energy that comes over makes it the right time.... By Sandi Neuman on 2014 03 25
Sam is definitely the go-go-guy when it comes to cold calling success. Thank you for sharing your experrtise! By Marilee Yorchak on 2014 03 25
In life its best to work with and listen to the 'pros'. Sam is 'THE PRO of the CALLERS' so when it comes to 'Calling' I listen to Sam. As Napolean Hill said "Thoughts are Things" and here is a method to harness that concept for calling................. Very Nice.......... Sam.. Thanks for Sharing.... By Steven Kramer on 2014 03 25
Great article! I tried the the 3 step process and my calls were the best ever. The connection and energy I had with folks put me in a position to calmly get the necessary information for success. Thanks Sam and keep those articles coming. I feel like I am in a better position after reading your articles. By Jim McLane on 2014 03 24
Sam has clearly shown that businesses need to step up to the most highly developed and successful means of generating sound and accurate sales leads. Those old school techniques continue to fail and certainly lag substantially behind Dobbins' cutting edge discovery--that truly works! And that is why he is The Cold Call King ! By Ray Bussiere on 2014 03 24
Another great job, Sam! You have a unique ability and gift to give practical insights into the difficult safari that cold calling is. Keep up the good work. By John Belock on 2014 03 24
Sam - great words of wisdom. I enjoy reading your articles. Looking forward to the next one. Wayne By Wayne Harding on 2014 03 24
Great article!! This is so true in taking your agenda off the table and looking to your highest good in helping the other person achieve what they need. This can be used in interviews of any type; from dating to climbing the ladder in a big corporation!!! Great stuff, thanks for the concept and mini-lead meditation!! By Susan Sotlar on 2014 03 24
Great article I will share it with all my callers. By 'TC' Teresa Clark on 2014 03 22
Good article Sam. I agree with what Kathy said about reps getting stuck in their head when cold calling. Getting in the zone like athletes is a good way to start the call and have success. By liz wendling on 2014 03 21
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