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Posted: April 20, 2009

Colorado artists featured in national ad campaign for Wacom

Work of illustrator David Carron and photograph David Mejias showcased

Patricia Kaowthumrong

Denver-based illustrator David Carron and Boulder-based photographer David Mejias are among six artists who were chosen for a national advertising campaign launching the Wacom Intuos4 pen tablet, the newest digital pen tablet for photographers, designers and artists.

Mejias said the campaign, which will run extensively in photography and design magazines, focused on conveying a specific emotion or idea through artwork.

“It’s exciting as an artist to be recognized for the work you do in whatever form,” Mejias said. “It’s also exciting because the campaign uses our artwork so prominently; it’s great to have our work put out there.”


Wacom ad featuring David Mejias' photography

Mejias said that there is often a misconception that big cities like New York and Los Angeles are the only bases for creativity. “There’s a lot of people in advertising, design and photography fields that are here working hard to elevate Colorado’s creative image,” Mejias said.  “Two out of the six artists being chosen being from Colorado is a coincidence, but it's also pretty significant.”

Although neither is a Colorado native, Carron and Mejias can’t deny the influence of Colorado’s landscape on their works. “Living in Colorado has definitely shaped my aesthetic – someone described my work recently as being ‘earthy.’” Mejias said. “While I don’t really focus on the land, I think you can’t help but he influenced by the nature of the mountains, the West, and that dirty grittiness that you’re exposed to living here.”

Mejias says people are often surprised that he doesn’t focus on landscape or outdoor photography because he lives in Colorado. A professional photographer for five years, his expertise is in portrait work and shooting people in distinct environments.

Carron has lived in Colorado for two years and said he is still amazed by Colorado’s scenery.


Wacom ad featuring David Carron's work

“I’ve definitely been influenced by the outdoors and the scenery,” Carron said. “I live in Denver, but the rural areas are so close by. It’s great to have two such rich environments so close together.”

For Carron, the opportunity to be apart of Wacom’s campaign came at just the right time; he had been stressing over what medium he should pursue. He started off as a pencil illustrator, but the first pen tablet be received pushed his work into a digital platform with influences from previous design styles of the 1970s and 80s. Carron says his career as an illustrator and designer has really taken off in the last year. The campaign helped him refine his work, gain exposure and expand his network capabilities.

One networking possibility: the collaboration of Carron and Meijias’ work. Mejias said he was especially excited when he discovered Carron was also based in Colorado. He said they hope to work on some projects together in the future.

“He’s a great photographer,” said Carron. “Utilizing his talents and putting the two together may turn out to be something great.”

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Patricia Kaowthumrong is a student at the University of Colorado School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Contact her at

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