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Posted: June 04, 2012

Colorado Companies to Watch spotlight: Agloves

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Snapshot: Agloves invented and commercialized winter touchscreen gloves, which allow people to use an iPhone, Android phone or tablet while wearing gloves. The precision and accuracy of the gloves have won raves from Inc. magazine and other industry sources. Revenues grew 200 percent in 2011; the company projects 67 percent growth this year.

Leadership: Agloves is led by the mother-daughter team of Jennifer Spencer (owner/president) and Jean Spencer. It was founded in 2010.

Work force: The company employed seven full-time and one part-time worker in 2011. It expects to add two full-time and one part-time worker this year.

Pivotal moment: When the company secured space in Verizon Wireless stores, its product became the first touchscreen glove to be sold as an accessory through a major U.S. carrier.

Technological edge: Agloves has filed a patent for technology on the bulk resistance of gloves as they relate to touchscreen devices, which respond to the natural bio-electricity of the body (not heat, contrary to popular belief).

Company culture: The company provides a flexible work schedule so employees can spend time with their families and enjoy the outdoors. Charitable efforts include donating Agloves to silent auctions across the U.S. and Canada.

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Readers Respond

Agloves gets a big thumb's up! Many glove manufacturers offer gloves that purport to work on touch screen phones but the rap is that they don't really work. Agloves do. I bought them for everyone in my family for Christmas and we all agree. They are also perfect weight for the Front Range winter - but not warm enough for the mountains unless you use them as liners under your ski gloves. Also - easy to order, cheap shipping, altogether a nice company to do business with. By Cindy Wolf on 2012 06 04
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