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Posted: March 18, 2009

Denver filmmaker’s “Ink” garnering rave reviews

Sci-fi adventure film plays at Starz FilmCenter in Denver through March 26

Dan Ray

At only 31, Denver filmmaker Jamin Winans has nearly twenty years of experience telling tales through his camera. His latest creation, “Ink,” is playing at the Starz FilmCenter in Denver this week and runs until the 26th.

After opening to critical acclaim at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in January, the independent film, “Ink,” has come back to Colorado, where it was filmed and where its creators – writer/director Jamin Winans and producer Kiowa K. Winans – reside. “Ink,” which is a dark, sci-fi peak at an invisible battle between good and evil occurring all around us, features a host of local actors and is the product of Winanses’ Denver-based Double Edge Films.

“The film is an uplifting, hopeful, sometimes-frightening tale of redemption, with a very unique style,” said Kiowa Winans. “The audience is going to see a lot of very unique visuals.”

Jamin Winans has had a camera in his hand since he first became fascinated with movies as a child, he said. After experimenting with moviemaking for many years, Winans began producing a number of his visual creations, including the well-received short film titled “Spin.”

“Ink” represents his second feature-length work and is Winans’ attempt to capture some of the deep childhood fears that the Wicked Witch of the West and the Boogeyman tend to inspire, he said.

Packed with action, detailed costuming and complex special effects, “Ink” was a bold undertaking for the relatively small independent production company, Double Edge Films. The budget for the film was very limited, Kiowa Winans said. “‘Ink’ took nine months to make,” she said. “Which is ambitious for a small company.”

The tricks that allowed Winans to create a first-rate sci-fi adventure on a tight budget included scaling back the crew, cultivating a base of relatively unknown local actors and timing, they said. Staying on schedule and Jamin Winans’ commitment to capturing the story he wanted to portray were vital for keeping “Ink” a realistic undertaking, they said.

“Filming in Colorado was also helpful,” Jamin Winans said. “The city of Denver was very supportive. We were able to get free permits for filming, which is very hard to do in L.A.”

Winans said that Denver is also home to a large stock of high-quality actors, yet untapped by many of the major studios. “If anything I’d say there are too many good actors to choose from,” he said. “And Colorado has a lot of variety for filmmaking.”

After a highly successful opening at the Starz FilmCenter on the weekend of March 13, Double Edge decided to extend "Ink’s" stay in Denver an extra week, until March 26.

“We decided to come back to Denver and tap our home fan base,” he said. “Our concern was we’d just lose momentum if we went from film festival to film festival.

“In its opening weekend Starz actually sold-out, which is pretty unheard of," Jamin Winans said.

The next step for “Ink” is to find a distributor, they said.

It’s a film that the cast and crew have believed in since the beginning, said Chris Kelly, who plays the lead in “Ink.” “It had a unique struggle because of the budget constraints and the scope of the film,” he said. “I’m incredibly proud of the product.”

Click here for show times, and here for more information about Double Edge Films.

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Dan Ray is a graduate student at the University of Colorado School of Journalism and Mass Communication. 

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