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Posted: October 08, 2010

Earth Protect’s flashy new website

It's got 43 partners now

Brooke Wylie

The relaunch of its website is but one of several steps Castle Rock-based Earth Protect is taking to expand its efforts to create awareness and encourage users to become active in promoting sustainable life on Earth. boasts a new look and a new logo in addition to the big changes that necessitated the facelift - changes President and Managing Director Carol Barbeito says have been in the works since the original site launch in Sept. 2008.

"We always knew this was going to happen. We wanted to get the site started, but then we wanted to do more," she said.

Users can now create and join groups, connect with Facebook, and learn about and donate to Earth Protect's nonprofit partners all in one place.

"Video has been and is the main thing, but people are spending more time on the sight now that there is more to do," Barbeito said.

The homepage now highlights a video, featured articles and nonprofits, as well as the latest blog and groups posts. Earth Protect boasts 43 nonprofit partners. Barbeito said Earth Protect is working to expand those partnerships as well as their global partnerships to reach a larger audience and spread its message.

It follows that a larger audience represents a broad range of interests and passions, the folks at Earth Protect took this into account when creating their new website.

"We now have 32 categories which allow people to hone in on what they are interested in; I think that has increased the usability, too," she said.
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Brooke Wylie is a ColoradoBiz intern.

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I think their new website is horrible. Way too much stuff going on and what's with all the ad? I think this is a great website NOT to emulate. By Don Lambert on 2010 10 08

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