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Posted: May 10, 2011

Graduated magna cum latte?

So...was that Starbucks University?

Ann Spoor

Your LinkedIn brand represents a significant part of your professional brand. What do you want the world to know about you? What do you represent?

My friend David sent me a profile that had this - "Graduated Magna cum Latte" under Education. We were both in total disbelief. We laughed and wondered if this person had graduated from the University of Starbucks. So I did a search on LinkedIn for the exact phrase and found several other profiles with the same representation. Seriously, could someone have graduated magna cum laude never having learned how to spell?

Are these people embellishing their profile? Probably.

Are they also embellishing their resume? Again, probably.

Another friend of mine says "how you do something is how you do everything." In other words, if you cheat on one aspect of your life, you are a cheater in other aspects, too.

Several years ago, when I worked for a Fortune 500 company, I found with unfortunate frequency that people lied about having a Masters Degree. The jobs I was recruiting for at the time didn't require a Masters. The candidates I was trying to hire would have gotten the job anyway. When we found out by a simple background check that the candidate had lied, we rescinded the offer. A lie is a lie.

If you graduated magna cum latte, there are only three possibilities:

1. You're lying
2. You're not the brightest bulb.
3. Both

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Ann Spoor is the Jerry McGuire to Corporate Executives and Professionals. She is the founder and CEO of Executive Lattice Ann is an Executive Talent Agent, Executive Coach, Career Manager, Executive Branding Expert, and Social Media Coach. She lives in Denver with her husband Mark and their two kids.

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Readers Respond

I call it simple inattention to detail. No excuse but more common than ever. Last week I came across printed packaging on a commodity item that said "Made in Chili." Goodness, what's the world coming to! By Susan on 2011 05 12
Did it ever occur to the author that people sometimes like to take the lighter side and attempt something humorous? By Scott on 2011 05 11
I think another likely possibility is #4, attempt at humor. By Rick on 2011 05 10
Thanks for the chuckle this AM. By liz wendling on 2011 05 10
Does "magna cum latte" mean your degree only prepared you to serve delicious coffee at high prices? Still not appropriate for linkedin. By Jim Kreinbrink on 2011 05 10
One's usage of grammar also reflects upon them and represents them in the professional marketplace. Bad grammar indicates a lack of forethought and organization. The opening paragraph of this article: "Your LinkedIn brand represents a significant part your professional brand." By Ed Itor on 2011 05 10

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