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Posted: October 02, 2012

Readers respond: Act now to preserve future choices

A vote for Romney will make a difference

Janet Boulter

Unfortunately, we are facing a financial crisis in this country, and if we don't act now and elect Gov. Mitt Romney, we won't have any choices in the future.

To turn our country around, we have to grow. As a capitalistic economy, that growth comes from businesses, which in turn create jobs. If you are going to help business and create jobs, then you need to have had the experience to know how to do it. 

President Obama has never owned a business, never been responsible to make payroll, never had employees and has no idea how to run a capitalistic economy.

What most Americans don't realize is the interest on our debt (currently at almost $16 trillion) is undermining our economy faster than anything else.  Raising taxes won't accomplish anything, as currently only 50 percent of Americans actually pay taxes.  Most of the tax-paying Americans are in the middle class, so if you raise taxes, you are hurting the very people you say you are trying to help. 

When you borrow, you give away your power to those who have loaned you the money.  As long as the United States continues to borrow at a rate that we can’t possibly repay, the quicker we will be heading for a total economic collapse.

Currently, a vast majority of wealthy Americans (many in Congress) have their wealth offshore to avoid paying U.S. taxes.  If you continue to tax the wealthy, they will continue to invest their money offshore, where it does nothing to contribute to the U.S. economy.  One way to stimulate our economy is to have money to grow and support businesses that create (and keep) jobs in our country.

Like it or not, we have to make some hard choices moving forward, while we still have the option of making choices.  If we wait until our economy actually collapses (and yes, it will) we will then be answering to the countries who hold our debt. 

We have to help our citizen’s by giving them a hand up, not a handout.  When you constantly give handouts, you create a dependency; and when you have a dependency, then you have fewer people who are contributing to the system of support.

The sooner we as Americans embrace the necessity of change, the sooner we can get to the business of making those changes. If we don’t act now, we will soon find ourselves in the same position as Germany was pre-World War II, which led to Hitler coming to power.

I hope that citizens planning to vote in November will take the time to educate themselves on the U.S. economy and really understand the situation and the changes that need to be made, moving forward.


As a business consultant with more than 25 years of experience, Janet Boulter of Center Consulting Group specializes in helping business leaders/owners align their corporate strategy, build value and measure the results.  As an award-winning author and popular speaker, Janet frequently gives seminars and webinars on business strategy.  Contact Janet at (303) 368-9954 or

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Readers Respond

Thanks John - here's a prime example - My son works hard at a full-time job making $34k/year and has 2 young children. He has great difficulty making his money stretch for all the expenses, yet he makes too much money to get assistance. So "why work" when you can sit at home and have the government take care of you? There are many expenses that go along with working, so people sitting at home can have a pretty nice life on what they receive from the government. Yet, you can have 5 families living in one house all collecting assistance and under the table pay and driving brand new vehicles??? If our govt insists on taking care of them, there should at least be some investigatory control. There is just something intrinsically wrong with this. By SusieQ on 2012 10 06
SuzieQ, You hit the nail on the head. This isn't about helping the truly needy, it is about the wasteful spending on "fraud" and "enabling" a lifestyle of "Why work?" I've hear the argument that everyone pays taxes. Yet they seem to think that those that do work and pay Federal income taxes somehow don't also pay all these other miscellaneous taxes as well. Somehow, the wealthy don't contribute to the economy and all their millions are in foreign accounts. Finally, the government is the ultimate non-producer. The government exists through taxation of the private sector and selling debt. Without the private sector to tax and support the government, it couldn't exist. Before anyone jumps too soon, I am not advocating for no government or no social programs. We do however need to get back to a size of government we can actually afford and stay competitive.with the world. By John Gimple on 2012 10 05
I don't mind giving a hand up to people who work hard and still can't get by. What I do mind is someone who wants to take what little money I make working hard and give it to those who CHOOSE to sit at home and collect from the government when they are perfectly capable of working for themselves. Sorry, but when I see teenagers with professional manicures using their mother's food stamp card to pay for those candy bars, it really rubs me the wrong way, as well it should. By SusieQ on 2012 10 05
Yes John, there is a lot of misinformation. I see you selectively choose your anti-Romney slanted info. By John Gimple on 2012 10 02
So many things that are misinformation or just outrageous here! First, yes, Romney kinda sorta has business experience. He has experience in being a corporate raider and destroying companies and offshoring American jobs. Is this REALLY the experience we want for America? Second: People DO need a hand up. You're not going to accomplish that by cutting every program that gives them one as R&R want to do. Third: We don't know the R&R tax plan because they refuse to talk about it. Fourth: Same tired canard about people not paying taxes. EVERYONE pays taxes. Some people just don't make enough money to pay FEDERAL INCOME tax. Even undocumented workers pay taxes. Go buy a candy bar. You pay tax. These are just Romney/Fox News soundbites. Don't like Obama, but voting for him. By John Heckers, MA, CPC, BCPC on 2012 10 02
Good idea, John. (-: I'm not licensed. And I'm still waiting to see if this "Apple" company is going to pan out. By David on 2012 10 02
David. No I didn't buy Facebook shares. Never said Romney / Bain Capital have not made bad investments, but their percentages are winning (80/20). No doubt that there are lessons in failure, but the loan to Solyndra was rushed through for political reasons without the due diligence required. "Solyndra was an investment in the future"? I'll look for investment advice elsewhere! By John Gimple on 2012 10 02
JG - Even Romney makes investments that don't pay off. Solyndra was a wise investment at the time. Even with its failure, we learn. the next company has learned. In the early days of oil, companies went belly-up too. Guess what? The ones that survived are doing okay. Solyndra was an investment in the future. The money given to them was still spent in the economy, and a lot of people benefited from it even if the company failed. You bought Facebook shares, how are they doing? By David on 2012 10 02
With growth declining in each of the last three years, it appears that the economy is again running out of gas. At the same time, the debt has ballooned. What's Obama's remedy? More debt? Or more "Investments" like Solyndra? Obama has not even recouped the jobs that have been lost since he took office. Why would anyone think he'll do better next time? By John Gimple on 2012 10 02
We had eight years with a president who was a "businessman" and look what happened. Hmmm....come to think of it, maybe Bush is good example of why we DO need a president who knows something about business. By Rob on 2012 10 02
Wow. I think you hit every one of Mitt's talking points. Perhaps you should start a PAC and buy ads rather than using up ink in this forum. Sincerely, A Colorado business owner who believes in capitalism but doesn't believe in the same old tired saws that Romney is trying to recycle By David Houghton on 2012 10 02
How to make a payroll: you make enough $$$ by having customers and keeping them happy; if you can't make payroll, you're not keeping your customers happy, or you don't have enough customers. Having employees: Getting them is easy, compared to keeping them. I know of businesses that go thru employees like tissue (be very careful when the boss starts sneezing!). Or businesses that hire the wrong ones for the wrong reasons. Running a capitalistic economy? Money in, money out, doesn't take an MBA - but it might take a law degree (which, by the way, BOTH candidates have). Ms. Boulter, you might have cited your source on the Hitler scare: Leon Cooperman, founder of a hedge fund called Omega Advisor. He made headlines when he said it last year, you won't make headlines by simply parroting him. By Vicki on 2012 10 02
So much wrong about this article. Let's start with the fact that the GOP created the "financial crisis" by lowering taxes twice while waging "preventive war". The last time the federal budget was balanced was during the Clinton administration, when the top marginal tax rate was 39.6% (which included dividends) and capital gains were taxed at 20%. If tax cuts stimulated the economy from 2000-2008, where did the financial crisis come from? If business knows how to fix things, how do you explain AIG, Enron, Lehamn Brothers, Goldman Sachs, Chrysler, etc? How disingenouous to suggest that Obama's proposed tax increase on the upper income brackets will hurt the middle class! How can Romney's budget balancing claim be taken seriously when he has removed tax increases from the solution set? Captialism is not a form of government. By Jim on 2012 10 02
"I'll invest in the Google IPO so they have money to hire some workers." -said no capitalist ever. We invest for profit, not to create jobs. By David on 2012 10 02
Romney didn't create jobs. He used his private equity firm to buy companies, reduce costs in them (usually by eliminating/off-shoring jobs, reducing pay and benefits), thus creating wealth for himself and his investors. No additional production, no new jobs, no innovation, simply creating wealth through manipulation of money. He's the ultimate reverse Robin Hood - rob from the poor. give to the rich. By Doug on 2012 10 02
That's a bunch of questionable reasons. 1) Businesses don't create jobs:Customers do 2) Step one/two when you're in debt: Get a second job/stop spending so much. 3) That's the American Spirit: If you try to tax us we'll hide our money offshore. 4) Paul Ryan's mom gets a handout: is she dependent? 3.5) You said taxes won't help, so why do you care 50% don't pay? Actually see #1. The 50% are better for the economy because they spend 100% of what they earn. Romney spends 1% of what he earns. By Anon on 2012 10 02
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