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Posted: December 03, 2012

Social media is killing your business

If you can't convert, it's a waste of time

Liz Wendling

Smart and savvy business owners use social media to attract new customers and increase traffic to their business. It can be one of the best tools to use to connect with and qualify new leads. It allows business owners and sales people to connect with customers in innovative ways and they’re doing it ever increasing precision.

Unfortunately, they’re running head-first into a roadblock. There’s no way to navigate around, and it’s too big to ignore.  They’re having difficulty converting interested customers into paying customers.  Customers are showing up, but they can close the sale.

Social media does not close sales. It’s not a magic bullet for increasing sales. Having leads is wonderful, but if you can't convert these leads into sales, you’re wasting your time, money and energy.  The problem begins when business owners are missing the skill that will effectively convert those customers from a sales lead to a closed business transaction. The missing piece is sales skills. When the critical skill of sales is left out of the social media equation businesses fail miserably.

Social media is essential and it can help to increase potential sales, but all the social media in the world won’t work if you can’t get people to say yes to your offer through a closed sale. Sales are what keep a business in business.  

Business owners who are successfully managing their social media campaign and effectively converting leads into sales come out ahead. They realize the need to understand the engine of social media and the power of possessing great sales skills. Both efforts are what lead to bottom line enhancing results.

The business owners who call me finally see the gaping hole in their marketing and social media efforts. Website traffic is up, phone is ringing and people are raising their hand to buy. But sales are not increasing. Unfortunately their new ways of reaching customers is working but their old ways of selling to those customers are yielding dreadful results.

They believe that increasing their presence and casting a wide net will be the magic bullet to close sales. They quickly realize that without the skills to effectively get someone to say yes, they will keep hearing “I need to think about it” or “I have no money.”

I’m not surprised when business owners tell me they’ve spent their budget on social media and marketing and have no money left to invest sales training. It’s not uncommon for business owners to waste a lot of money on social media and not one penny on what the bottom line needs. Sales!  They put the cart before the horse. They fool themselves into believing their employees or they don’t need to know how to sell.

Social media and marketing gets them interested in you. Sales skills get them to buy from you.

Enlightened business owners are stepping up to the sales training plate. They’re eager to learn the skill that generates the results and produces dramatic effects to the bottom line. Learn it once and use it over and over to attract new business and convert potential customers into happy paying customers.

Now that is what I call a magic bullet.

Liz Wendling is the president of Insight Business Consultants, a nationally recognized business consultant, sales strategist and emotional intelligence coach. Liz is driven by her passion for business and generating results for her clients. Liz understands the challenges that business owners are facing building a business and selling their professional services in today's market.

Liz shows clients how to tap into and use their innate strength, power and confidence to develop highly successful businesses. She teaches them to create effective, dynamic and fluid client conversations that turn interested prospects into invested clients who keep coming back.

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Readers Respond

You ARE exactly right! Not having a great sales process, and not knowing how to effectively ask for the sale, ensures that a business person or salesperson will waste a large percentage of their social media leads. Whether you're a rookie or a seasoned veteran, you do need a great sales coach like Liz or me to help you play the game at a higher level. Think about professional athletes. Payton Manning is a pretty darn good quarterback...and he has a quarterback coach who works with him in practice. And that's who Payton is talking to on the phone on the sideline during the game. Every player on a baseball team, even the very best all time hitters, take batting practice every day with a coach looking over their shoulder. The moral: If you want to be an all time great at sales, hire yourself a sales coach! It will pay huge dividends!!! By Hugh Liddle on 2012 12 09
Liz, I couldn’t agree with you more. Social media is part of the strategy, not THE strategy. I’d like to add that another missing piece is marketing’s responsibility to fully nurture the social media generated leads before passing onto sales. A component of any strong lead generation strategy is lead nurturing – supplying prospects with the necessary online content to support where they are in the decision making process, be it info gathering, evaluation, etc. Until leads are fully nurtured, they are not ready to be converted into paying customers. By Tricia Akins on 2012 12 03
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