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Posted: May 06, 2014

Teleprospecting: The bridge between marketing & sales

What it is, and what it isn't

Sam Dobbins


And that leads us to what teleprospecting is all about.  The bottom line here is that the professional teleprospector makes every dial valuable to the company.  He or she has usually had several years of experience both in telemarketing and in sales, so that experience can be brought to the telephone prospecting effort with a higher level of professionalism. Characteristics of good teleprospecting skills include:

  • Hunter Mentality – Like most sales professionals, the teleprospector is hungry for new business.  He or she will be listening as carefully for the clues that say a prospect isn't worth pursuing as they are for the qualified lead.
  • Qualifying leads – Unlike the leads generated out of a telemarketing campaign, the teleprospector wants to see deals close in the end. Therefore the teleprospector will work hard to make sure each call results in gathering as much information about the name on his or her list as possible. They will qualify down to the specific demographic information needed to increase the probability of sales with every encounter. 
  • And the teleprospector is initiating the business relationship right from the start.  It does the company no good to qualify a lead in terms of budget, need, and fit, if the person(s) on the other end of the line don't like your company because of their initial engagement.
  • Bonus! Along with qualifying good leads, the professional teleprospector will let marketing know which names to remove from its database.  This disqualifying process will help future mailings and contacts be more effective because the marketing database is continually cleaned. Unfortunately, many companies do not see the value of a constantly cleaned database because of the short-term focus on the need for sales today.  The teleprospector keeps a longer-term vision in mind.


By now, you can see the value of a professional teleprospector, but who should that prospector report to in the company organization chart?  A good teleprospector performs some sales functions but also some marketing functions.  He or she deals with generating interest from total strangers to loyal customers.  Perhaps pre-sales functions need their own path to the executive suite.

Teleprospectors fill the gap that exists between Sales and Marketing, but more importantly, create a bridge between the two organizations by performing functions for either side of the same coin.  Teleprospectors help the promotion of products and services (as marketing does) all the while making sure business relationships emerge for Sales representatives to build upon.  Isn't it time you consider building a bridge between your Sales and Marketing teams with a strong teleprospecting effort?

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Sam Dobbins is the founder and president of the Cold Call King Sales Training Company, formed in 2004.  He is an active member of Business Marketing Association-Denver. Learn more at Reach Sam at or (303) 954-8553.

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