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Posted: August 13, 2009


On the eve of the PGA – some Tiger hunting.

Bart Taylor

I’m having an ongoing debate with some of my golfing friends about Tiger Woods and his on-course antics - the tantrums, pouting, club-throwing and general wretchedness he displays when he’s not a hundred under par.

For me, he’s become equal parts superstar…and train-wreck. I don’t lose sleep over it. And he’s hard not to watch – if it’s painful at times.

Not so with some of my colleagues. Greatness, in their view, affords Woods the right to a certain quirkiness and eccentricity.

Like the next golf guy, I’m in awe of Woods’ abilities. He’s the most compelling sporting figure of his generation – he and Lance Armstrong. And I can throw clubs and curse to high heaven with the best of ‘em.
But Woods’ tires me out. He hits fewer poor shots and bad putts than anyone in history, but so many are met with a similar, seemingly-incredulous, “…how could this happen TO ME?..”, response. I’m guessing his playing partners often mutter to themselves, “…because it's golf?” I’d be muttering for eighteen holes.

His media encounters? They speak for themselves. I don’t get the adversarial methodology, but realizing that many of you feel the same way about the media these days, perhaps this adds to his popularity.

For those who make their living in golf, there’s near universal sentiment that Woods is above reproach. It’s understandable. The business of golf has become very difficult today and Tiger Woods’ impact seeps in to every aspect of the business of golf.

The man, the myth, the legend. Tiger Woods. He’s a 2-1 favorite this weekend – are you all in or all out?

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Readers Respond

Taking on the Tiger Man, huh! Tiger does have a short fuse. You would think by now he would have mellowed a little. He's a class act everywhwere but on the course. He could take a few lessons from Phil in how to deal with the ocasional bad shot. Good piece! Tiger in a walk this weekend. ET By Ed Taylor on 2009 08 13

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