Aurora's Transit-Oriented Public Art Serves as Attraction and Economic Engine

Collaborative cultural investment awarded by Colorado Business Committee for the Arts in 2018

The City of Aurora and Regional Transportation District (RTD) partnered to execute on a significant investment in public art with the creation of the new R line.

"Since 1994, the mission of the RTD art and transit program has been to enhance the design and aesthetic quality of our transit projects and adding Aurora into the mix … it was impressive what we could accomplish," says Lindsey Smith, assistant supervisor, RTD Bus Stop Program.

The collaborative efforts were acknowledged by the Colorado Business Committee for the Arts in 2018, with multiple transit stop projects included in the honor. 

This "presented itself as an opportunity to interweave each of the stations in their diversity, but yet interconnectivity," Smith says.

Local artist, John King's interactive installation called "Everything Under the Sun," is featured at the Metro Station, while the 13th Avenue stop introduces travelers to Christopher Fennel's "Bike Train," a large-scale work made of colorful steel pipes with 40 real, donated bikes from RTD atop the structure. 

"Public art pieces have added to the local economy itself," Smith says. 

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