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Articles by Bart Taylor

Salazar’s water future
Water may send Ken Salazar back to the forefront of Colorado politics

Sequester deal in sight?
Will "cliff" negotiations produce a deal after all?

Flaming Gorge lives
...and with it, big questions about how Colorado will manage its water future

Energy investors gain with cliff deal
Tax extenders provide short-term relief, long-term implications unclear

Water study reaction: Predictable—and self-serving
Active river management can make all the difference going forward

Dissonance at Flaming Gorge
CO Water Conservation Board’s report may cause a stir – and heartburn for its opponents

Will the Bureau’s Colorado River study live up to the hype?
Here's why it might not

When energy needs and water supply collide
An issue with no easy solution

TopCo leaders optimistic and hiring
The problem: Finding qualified workers

Water-related “carrying capacity:” An idea whose time has come?
Drought is just one part of a larger challenge

Sterling Ranch ruling highlights Front Range water issues
Supply issues loom for the entire business community

Search for consensus elusive in Colorado River Basin
Tensions rise in headwater states

Remembering Bob Schwab
Colorado loses a talented and compassionate journalist and poet

Water disrupts the West: Will business begin to look elsewhere?
Drought, data focus attention on West’s water challenge

Obama campaign’s Archuleta: Stark choice the tale of this election
The ‘New West’ plays a pivotal role as voters pick between very dissimilar candidates

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