Author: ColoradoBiz Staff

GenXYZ 2023 — Taylor Dilk

Taylor Dilk and her co-founders all left their jobs and self-funded Vitality, a multimillion-dollar fitness apparel brand for people of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. 

GenXYZ 2023 — Lauren Napheys

Lauren Napheys spearheads Headwaters Group’s investment strategy for growth, deal sourcing, investment underwriting and investment relations. 

GenXYZ 2023 — Jigna Hammers

Jigna Hammers knows buildings can inspire and capture the imagination, and she understands the key role visualization plays in the architectural process.

GenXYZ 2023 — Cole Gibbs

Over the last three years, Gibbs and his team have prevented more than 2 million pounds of petroleum plastic from entering the environment.

GenXYZ 2023 — Michael Fleschner

GLC Advisors’ senior leadership predicts that Michael Fleschner likely will become one of the firm’s youngest managing directors in the next few years.

GenXYZ 2023 — Nicole Riehl

Under Riehl’s leadership, EPIC has created its community and service-based initiatives, including its consulting program for employers related to child-care benefits.

GenXYZ 2023 — Danielle Shoots

How Danielle Shoots has challenged the philanthropic and investment communities to use the tools of wealth building to increase investments in marginalized, undercapitalized people and communities. 

GenXYZ 2023 — Heather Broxterman

Working in the public defender’s office, Heather Broxterman helped pave the way for bringing mental health courts to Charlottesville, Virginia, by researching the policies, procedures, remedy structures and qualification criteria.