Esty Atlas

Esty Atlas is a four-time Emmy award-winning writer, specializing in leadership communications, media and public relations. 303-919-2425; email: or

Articles by Esty Atlas

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Your computer doesn't have to die like mine did

Think tank experts
Kimba Langas and Dave Terpstra

Think tank expert: Russ Burcham
Best described as "enlightened"

Failure Hall of Fame
Check out its famous members

Let Einstein transform your business strategies
Once a genius, always a genius

Like it or not—your job is changing
Time to wear five hats at once

Talking to the media tipsheet
Learn to speak in sound bites

Oscar marketing 2012: Part 2
Just using Twitter and Facebook isn't enough

Oscar marketing 2012: Part 1
Customer engagement is no passing fad

Lessons we can learn from Bernie’s boxers
Value is in the eye of the beholder

The lessons of global advertising
Don't be fooled: ads still sell stuff

How to improve your bottom line with branding
Good marketing creates intangible value

Are you master of your domain? part 2
PYB: Protect Your Brand!

An insider’s guide to managing your message: part 3
Steer clear of speculation

An insider’s guide to managing your message: part 2
Give positive answers to negative questions

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