Kurt Leyendecker

Kurt Leyendecker is a founding member of the intellectual property law boutique, Leyendecker & Lemire. Leyendecker & Lemire specialize in patents, trademarks and related complex civil litigation. Kurt Leyendecker can be reached directly at 303.768.0123 or kurt@coloradoiplaw.com. Visit www.coloradoiplaw.comfor further information, including Leyendecker & Lemire’s weekly blog, “Control, Protect & Leverage.” 

Articles by Kurt Leyendecker

Trademarks + marketing = power
Take Ford, for example

Trademarks on wheels
Caveat emptor

My take on Tesla
What's really behind Musk's blog post?

The K-cup story
Patents done right

Internet marketing and trademark trouble
Somebody else might be using your biz name

Can I patent that?
Defining "invention" can be tricky

File that patent!
Time is running out

Does Tim own Tebowing?
And does this mean you can't do it any more?

Invention alert
Does the new law spur innovation or hurt the little guy?

A one-word secret to economic growth
It starts with a "P"

Avoidance: Understandable, but often painful
An ounce of prevention is a lot cheaper than a cure

A grape by any other name is still a grape…
...or not

Economic lemons = lemonade profits
We need to innovate to move forward

Patents = profits
Modest upgrades might be patentable

Trade secrets: Lonely and misunderstood
They never get the respect they deserve

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