Best Work From Home Business Ideas for Parents

Being a parent doesn't mean giving up on your goals

Some people have a natural inclination to pursue entrepreneurship. But when you're a parent, it's hard to imagine finding time for yourself, let alone for building a brand new business. 

But the internet has transformed the way we do business and starting a venture of your own is easier than ever. Now, there are a plethora of business ventures you can pursue from the comfort of your home. If you've got the entrepreneurial bug, but need help coming up with ideas, here are a few small business ideas to get you started.


If you have a knack for math, enjoy crunching numbers and feel satisfied when a checkbook balances perfectly, you may want to pursue a professional career in tax preparation. A tax business is great for parents you'll have about four months of hard work, and then the rest of the year to focus on other priorities.

Though you don't necessarily need a bachelor's in finance or business to pursue this venture, you do need great basic math, computer and customer service skills. You'll also need a certification, which you can accomplish by taking some simple online (or in-person) training. Once you complete the class, you'll need to get a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN). Finally, you may need to register with the state of Colorado. 

After completing these steps, you'll be ready to start building a customer base.

Need something to fill your time for the rest of the year? 

Consider a role as a freelance bookkeeper for businesses in your community. These two positions mesh well together and will allow your business to remain active all year long.


Maybe you're not a math person and you find more passion and fulfillment from creative pursuits. If you have such an interest – like crocheting or embroidery – you'd probably find a lot of satisfaction in selling your crafts to the public. Right now, artisanal products are very popular and getting involved with local craft shows could be a fun and surprisingly lucrative way to start your own business. Plus, platforms like Etsy and Artfire have made it easier than ever to sell handmade goods to a wide consumer base looking for unique products.

Developing an online shopping platform through Etsy is as simple as making a Facebook account. By following a few simple steps, your company will be accessible to millions in a matter of minutes. 

Don't forget to build social media pages for your crafting business. This will allow customers to contact you directly, follow your products and get a "behind the scenes" look at how you create your product. Putting these projects on the market will add an extra incentive to work on them. Plus, you'll be able to set your own working hours.


If you cook, you have a skill that could prove profitable. 

Caterers have the luxury of being able to dictate how hard and how often they want to work. Perhaps you only want to cater one big event a month, or maybe you want to focus on making baked goods like cakes or cookies. Once you gain a following, catering can be extremely lucrative and fun.

Don't be afraid to think outside the box. Catering doesn't necessarily mean providing a full meal at a banquet. Modern caterers have taken the industry and transformed it. Maybe you make single-serving meals for a subscription-based service. Or, maybe you create boxed activities for kids, like cookie decorating kits, or gingerbread houses that arrive ready to be decorated. You can go as far as operating a food truck, to as simple as making cakes-to-order. Like crafting, food preparation is an excellent option for parents who have a hobby they wish they could do more of.


Do you pride yourself on hospitality? Maybe you enjoy when relatives stay at your home or you love entertaining friends. If this is your passion – and you live near a destination that attracts tourists, you may want to start a vacation rental company.

Do you have a historical home? Decorate it with all the elegance expected from the period in which it was built. Embrace your community and open a bed and breakfast that speaks to the themes of your city or state. Remember, to operate as a B&B, you'll need to register as a legal business entity. 

If you don't have access to an entire property, you could create a welcoming private room or studio apartment and promote it on AirBnB. This is less time-consuming than running an entire bed and breakfast, while still allowing you to apply your hospitality skills and earn some income.


If you have a marketable skill like writing or graphic design, a freelance life may be for you. Freelancing works well with a parent's tight schedule because it allows you to be your own boss, set your own hours, decide your workload, etc.

The life of a freelancer can seem intimidating – unsteady income is daunting for those who appreciate consistency. However, if others can live off of freelance work, so can you. It can become enough to become a fulltime career. The key is gaining a reputation and finding enough clients to maintain a steady income. It may take tie, but with hard work and lots of networking, you can create enough to occupy your time.


In addition to a good reputation, freelancers must also invest in stellar organization skills. There will be times when you're juggling various projects and will need to prioritize and divide the work so it's manageable. Luckily, apps like Cushion and Trello can help keep you on track.

Being a parent doesn't mean giving up on your goals. Small businesses come in all shapes and sizes – chances ae there's an industry calling your name. With work and persistence, you can be both an entrepreneur and a parent. Remember, no matter what kind of business you launch – even if you're a solo entrepreneur – it's a good idea to register as a business entity according to your local state laws.

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