Steve Wilkerson

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Steve is a member of BKD National Financial Services Group. He has more than six years of experience providing audit and consulting services to both publicly traded and privately held organizations, including banks, universities, nonprofits, and commercial companies. For audits, he identifies key audit issues and makes recommendations including adjusting entries to help ensure that account balances are fairly stated. In addition, he assists with internal audits and evaluations of internal control structures for compliance with SOX.

He is also a member of the national environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practice. Steve is an FSA (Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting) Credential holder.

Steve is a participant in BKD’s innovation efforts for accounting, audit, and consulting. He has participated in an internal innovation tournament aimed at creating and developing new services to better serve clients using cutting-edge evolving technologies and has assisted with pilot testing of an artificial intelligence application for BKD attest clients.

He is a member of the American Institute of CPAs and COCPA. He is also a Certified Financial Services Auditor® (CFSA®) and a former board member of a charter school.

Steve is a 2015 graduate of Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, with a B.S. degree in accountancy and an M.Acc. degree.