Boost corporate event ROI with suite entertainment

It's a creative venue for hanging with prospects and clients

Lunch and learns are too time constrained, and happy hours may be cut short when guests have to rush home after business hours. It’s time to start thinking outside the box for your next set of events. Suite entertainment is a creative venue for securing facetime with your prospects and clients by inviting them to events they want to attend.

Spending two to three hours of dedicated time in a suite at a sporting event can help you get to know your customers better and provide the opportunity to demonstrate why they should do business with you. People like to buy from who they know and investing in those client relationships builds a window of trust that can’t be achieved in the meeting room.  According to ticket management provider InviteManager on average, a guest in a luxury suite represents more than $161,000 in potential revenue for the host and a full private suite can be up to $2.5 million.

Corporate events are an important part of conducting business but from start to finish, planning a event can take months of time – locking in vendors, locations and rounding up your attendees. Entertaining in a suite removes the variables and gives you one point of contact for all the logistics of your event. There is no need to plan the entertainment because your home team will be the star of the hour, incentivizing guests to RSVP.

Denver-based SuiteHop is the first marketplace for luxury suites, experienced in ensuring corporate events flow smoothly from start to finish. With centralized access to stadium and arena suite inventory, SuiteHop offers strategic guidance and implementation for both local and multi-market corporate events at sports, concerts and special events.

“Our wheelhouse is creating a turn-key solution for luxury suite entertainment in any city in North America. We consolidate all the suite access and related services you need for your event to be a success and deliver a post event report to help you measure ROI” says, SuiteHop CEO Todd Lindenbaum. “We just wrapped a 17 city baseball tour that generated over 300 business opportunities for the host”. 

Demonstrating ROI for events is challenging, but being able to showcase the number of sales from those impacted by the event will help planners differentiate suite events from other types of entertainment. For those wishing to demonstrate ROI, SuiteHop’s event service package provides deliverables that are not available through other corporate event options.

SuiteHop’s proprietary invitation management system was built specifically for luxury suite events and allows you to track deliverability, attendance and generate a list of expected attendees. SuiteHop recommends offering a drawing in exchange for a prize to incentivize guests to register a business opportunity during the registration process.

Following the event, SuiteHop’s in-suite event manager will upload a post event report of images from the event, guest feedback and a full list of registered opportunities. Event planners can use these details to track opportunities through the sales pipeline, showcasing exactly how much ROI was generated from your suite event. 

With ample strategic planning, and strong execution of luxury suite events, you can drive significant business opportunities and definable ROI, all while enjoying the fun and excitement with your best customers.

(This sponsored content was provided by SuiteHop.)

Anne Murlowski is the Director of Marketing at SuiteHop. SuiteHop provides access to luxury suites in nationwide, including such Colorado venues as the Pepsi Center and Coors Field. Companies wishing to entertain in a suite can access live listings and real pricing at


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