Boulder-Based Newton Running Supports Community Safety

The Colorado running company makes strides to educate and protect female athletes

Newton Running, a Boulder-based performance athletic shoe brand focused on responsive footwear, announced its support of National Runner's Safety month with a focus on women's safety.

National Runner's Safety month starts in November, but in light of recent press on women's issues and safety, Newton Running decided to help women protect themselves while exercising.

"Women's safety has been a big topic in the news recently due to the increasing number of incidents involving female athletes," says Jerry Lee, CEO of Newton Running.

Starting October 15, the shoe brand will be offering free personal alarm systems provided by Sabre with each purchase of women's running shoes. Newton Running will also team up with Skirt Sports and Way of the Crane martial arts studio in Boulder to provide a free self-defense class taught by Sensei Melanie Murphy. 

Additionally, in mid-October, Newton Running will begin posting safety tips from a partnering police department on staying safe while exercising on their social media platforms.

These combined efforts are aimed at educating and protecting women.

"As a husband, father and grandfather to some amazing women, this cause is near and dear to my heart," Lee says.

Newton Running is a purpose-driven company with a commitment to social and environmental accountability.

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