Business Insights

How employers can plan for virtual open enrollment this year

COVID-19 has forced businesses to embrace technology and get creative. Open enrollment for employee benefits will be no different. COVID-19 has impacted benefit plan design, healthcare costs and may have financial impacts on employees. A recent BenefitsPro survey found that there were dramatic changes in employees’ prioritization of their financial goal’s since COVID-19. Here are some ways that employers can better prepare and plan for a beneficial and virtual open enrollment session this year.

Back to school: tips for divorced parents

This year, parents are facing new challenges as a result of COVID-19, particularly parents living in separate households with shared physical custody of their children. It is important, now more than ever, for parents to remember to focus on the best interests of their children. Here, an attorney speaks to the changes struggles the new school year brings, and provides tips for returning to school right now, especially if divorced.

Taking a customer-first service approach during unprecedented times

The 2020 KPMG U.S. Customer Experience Excellence (CEE) report, which identifies the top performing brands and industries in terms of customer experience based on a survey, utilizes Six Pillars of experience that explain how companies navigated the new environment and how they performed in terms of customer experience. Organizations that master the Six Pillars grow more quickly, manage costs better, and make people happier.

What you need to know about the Small Business Reorganization Act Of 2019

Bankruptcy filings are on the rise, and many eligible debtors are opting to file under the Small Business Reorganization Act of 2019 (SBRA), a new fast-track bankruptcy option that alters creditors’ rights in certain Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases. The SBRA became effective in February 2020 and is quickly becoming an important tool for debtors in bankruptcy as the effects of COVID-19 are felt across the country.

New changes to laws for dissolving corporations in Colorado in 2020

When business partners have no mechanism for buying each other out or transferring their interest or dissolving their business, Colorado law steps in and various statutes and rules provide an answer. However, you may not like what the laws state, which is why it is always preferable to draft an agreement that suits your needs. Find out what's new this year and how it affects dissolution.