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Estate Planning Essentials

Estate planning is critical to consider now, while preparing for the future. At its core, estate planning is about ensuring that you can leave your financial legacy to whom you want, when and how you want to. Here is guide for those just getting started with estate planning, as well as considerations for those who have a plan in place to review before this year is over.

How do businesses plan for the unknown in 2021?

The pandemic has fundamentally changed the way businesses operate, so it’s important to work with a financial partner on a strategic plan that takes into consideration the “new norms,” such as utilizing technology to meet online rather than in person. Focus on what you want your business to look like one to five years from now, and how you can leverage some of the changes in buying habits that will be a holdover from the pandemic.

Steps for eschewing trade litigation in Colorado

Patent laws have shifted, weakening protection and influencing how businesses guard their assets and react if a trade secret is exposed. All of these factors have increased trade secret litigation, which is predicted to continue its upward trajectory. Here are some proactive steps that business owners may want to consider taking right now.

How California’s employment regulation trend is gaining ground in Colorado

The “Californication” of small business regulation—that is, the passing of an increasing number of state employment laws and regulations, many which put even more burden on employers—is picking up steam. In Colorado, there are at least eight new state employment-related laws, regulations, and rules that go into effect in 2021. Here's how Colorado employers can take the right steps now to protect their employees and the business.

2020 hindsight: five lessons as we begin 2021

While many companies are still dealing with the acute impacts of the economic and social disruption of 2020, Colorado business leaders are confident the state will continue to outperform the national outlook in the first quarter of 2021. Here are five ways that companies can build resilience, and weather future challenges, while being better positioned to capitalize on emerging opportunities.