Business Leaders

Meet Studio Shed's Jeremy Nova

Studio Shed is a great example of a Colorado business started not on purpose, but as an outcome of necessity. One persons problem and inability to find a solution on the market turned personally created solution. Jeremy Nova, a professional bike racer and Olympic athlete, needed a way to store his many mountain bikes. His answer to the question of how, is what we now know as the thriving Studio Shed.

Wanda James and the political voice of the cannabis industry

James worked on Gov. Jared Polis' Congressional campaign and President Barack Obama's finance committee in 2008. But it was her brother's 10-year prison sentence that led her to align her entrepreneurial and political inclinations. James morphed her political consulting career into another venture, the Cannabis Global Initiative, then moved into cannabis edibles and opened her second dispensary, Simply Pure, in 2015.

Denver’s soul food scholar cranks up the heat with ‘Black Smoke’

James Beard Award-winning food historian Adrian E. Miller built a career by breaking from convention … three careers, actually. Now he’s into his third career as an author and the nation’s premier soul food scholar. He’s also a certified barbecue judge who has lectured across the country on such topics as Black chefs, chicken and waffles, kosher soul food and soda pop. Adrian’s latest book covers the culinary contributions Black people have made to American barbecue.