GenXYZ companies

Similar to our GenXYZ profiles of young professionals making their mark in Colorado business, we set out to unearth companies that project a certain youthful exuberance, entrepreneurial zeal, and a forecaster’s sense of what goods or services will be of value in the marketplace.

GenXYZ Top Five: Amanda Adams

Amanda Adams, 29, wants people to be excited about a career in mining. That includes everyone from Girl Scouts on an educational excursion on Dinosaur Ridge to new hires at MWH Global, where Adams works as a senior geological engineer.

GenXYZ Top Five: Marc Crawford, Education Measures

Usually the way to make sure a student learned something is to give a quiz. Unfortunately this isn’t practical for continuing education for health-care professionals. Marc Crawford’s company, Educational Measures, helps companies capture outcomes, or the impact of educational programs.

GENxyz Top Five: Josh Stewart

Ask the president of XJet what it takes to make a business fly in a bad economy, and he's quick to answer. "A great idea, a lot of passion and a strong team," Josh Stewart says. "We've worked our tails off to make this business a success." Stewart is a bit out of breath. He's just stepped off the...