GenXYZ Top Five: Brandy Bertram, 36

When Brandy Bertram was in grade school, all her report cards contained the same critique. “It always had ‘Challenges the instructor,’” says Bertram, currently the executive director of YouthBiz. “I was always asking, ‘Why am I doing this, what is this and where does it come from?’”

GenXYZ: Colorado's 25 Most Influential Young Professionals

Now in its third year, the feature we’ve dubbed "Gen XYZ" for the age-group or "generation" it represents – the under-40 set – has boomed in popularity and participation numbers, to the simultaneous delight and consternation of the judges who pour over the nominations to come to a consensus on the...

GenXYZ Top Five: Amanda Adams

Amanda Adams, 29, wants people to be excited about a career in mining. That includes everyone from Girl Scouts on an educational excursion on Dinosaur Ridge to new hires at MWH Global, where Adams works as a senior geological engineer.

GenXYZ Top Five: Marc Crawford, Education Measures

Usually the way to make sure a student learned something is to give a quiz. Unfortunately this isn’t practical for continuing education for health-care professionals. Marc Crawford’s company, Educational Measures, helps companies capture outcomes, or the impact of educational programs.

GenXYZ companies

Similar to our GenXYZ profiles of young professionals making their mark in Colorado business, we set out to unearth companies that project a certain youthful exuberance, entrepreneurial zeal, and a forecaster’s sense of what goods or services will be of value in the marketplace.

GENxyz Top Five: Josh Stewart

Ask the president of XJet what it takes to make a business fly in a bad economy, and he's quick to answer. "A great idea, a lot of passion and a strong team," Josh Stewart says. "We've worked our tails off to make this business a success." Stewart is a bit out of breath. He's just stepped off the...