Industry Trends

Steel deal showcases Pueblo’s solar prowess

The mill will produce the 200-meter ribbons of rail preferred by railroads. That decision wasn’t a given. Other states, especially those with abundant low-priced hydroelectricity, made a hard run. How Pueblo won says much about the evolving nature of the economy of Pueblo and that of Colorado. Prominent is the solar farm, the largest east of the Rocky Mountains when the deal was announced. It will provide about 90% of the electricity for the mill.

Four ways COVID-19 is changing health care–now and in the future

As Colorado and the nation continue to navigate the deep impacts of COVID-19, one thing seems certain—the pandemic has changed the way many of us have traditionally viewed and engaged with the health care system. Many times, crises create an urgency to speed up innovations to meet consumers’ demands and provide convenience. COVID-19 has led to a few emerging trends that may usher in permanent changes to the ways we access health care.

Listings down, prices up in mountain towns

Real estate experts say pandemic influences include pent-up demand from buyers, limited availability as potential sellers choose to remain in place, interest rates as low as 2.5% for a 30-year mortgage, and significant increases in location-neutral workers who have proven productive. The active summer buying season extended into fall after limited in-person showings in spring. The tight single-family home inventory and price appreciation have put dreams to relocate on hold for some.

What's a seller to do in today's real estate market in Denver?

This is a great time to list your property due to low inventory and interest rates. While the low inventory does have buyers nervous, those who come to the drawing board well prepared are still able to find homes. The same holds true for sellers who are looking to sell. Everyone needs to be prepared in advance to attract the right buyer as well as act when the right home comes along.

7 tips for finding the right tenant

Finding the right tenant is key to the success of any real estate investor. In fact, most major problems landlords face are the result of putting the wrong tenant in their property. Here’s how to find the perfect tenant for your Colorado rental property to make investing in real estate a little easier.

Beer in 2021 and beyond

Breweries that want to not only survive but to thrive on the other side will need to change and adapt. 2021 may or may not mark the end of the pandemic, but it will certainly bring additional twists and turns for breweries as they weather the current crisis and position for growth in the coming years. As 2020 finally nears its end, here are some items to watch in 2021.

Nothing stands in the way of Colorado’s real estate market

As COVID-19 stormed into the country, many feared the housing market would take a turn for the worse. But fortunately, just the opposite occurred. Lower interest rates, pent-up demand and quarantine have resulted in the recent housing boom. While home values continue to appreciate, this is good news for investors looking to make 20-year real estate investments in 2020.

When is it time to sell your rental property?

The best time to sell will be determined by a mixture of your personal circumstances and the local market dynamics. The Colorado market is showing signs right now of being an extremely strong seller’s market. Let’s break down some of those numbers and talk about how long this situation might last before going over a few general principles that will help you decide if now is the right time to cash in on your rentals.