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DIA turns 20

When the iconic white tents of Denver International Airport first lined the sky in February 1995, many questioned its distance from downtown — 25 miles — especially compared to its predecessor, Stapleton International Airport, situated just three miles east of the city’s center.

Top job creators

Everybody – back to work! According to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, businesses in the state added 3,700 nonfarm payroll jobs from December 2014 to January 2015, for a total of 2,496,500 jobs. That number is higher than the peak 2,362,700 jobs in May 2008.

Do it like Tito Puente

I think Puente was pleased. Why? Because he seemed to understand that a leader’s job is not to be better than everyone on the team, but to bring out the best in each team member and thus make each successful. He is good enough to have the top spot in any salsa band, but if he couldn’t build a team...

The Economist: Constructive criticism in order

According to, Denver has the sixth highest lease costs in the nation behind four California cities and New York. Given housing is a large percentage of personal budgets, high housing costs will ultimately create wage pressures in the area and make much of Colorado’s economy less competiti...

Hi-tech from sheep to shop

The process for creating weatherproof outerwear hasn’t changed for close to 40 years, according to Voormi co-founder Dustin English. Three separate layers – a base, a face textile and a rubber-glove-like waterproof membrane – are glued together, resulting in a laminated construction referred to as a “sandwich.” Now, Pagosa Springs-based Voormi has changed the game.

Good company: Alex Bogusky

Alex Bogusky joined Miami-based ad agency Crispin and Porter as art director in 1989, but he never saw himself as a “lifer” anywhere. He added his surname to the agency’s nameplate in less than a decade and racked up industry accolades, awards and an affinity for outside-the-box campaigns. But in...