The Colorado General Assembly Is Open for Business — What Should Employers Expect in the 2023 Legislative Session?

After a turbulent election cycle that saw many pundits predict that the GOP would gain ground in both chambers of the Colorado General Assembly (or even possibly retake the state Senate), Democrats cemented their dominance of the state legislature with…

Made in Colorado 2023 — 10 Stories Behind the Colorado Craft

These businesses have at least one thing in common: They all make products in Colorado. There are some subsets with other commonalities. Two, coincidentally, were born in garages in Windsor. Three others have new ownership since 2020. After that, it’s…

Drive Electric Colorado is getting the state ready for the EV revolution

Drive Electric Colorado is an initiative designed to educate consumers and dealers about EVs. is a clearinghouse of information about EVs for consumers and dealers, covering everything from tax rebates and other financial incentives available to EV owners to what an electric vehicle driver needs to know about charging their vehicle.