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Your 2021 Executive Golf Guide

The game that annually reports flat participation suddenly experienced an overall rise of 20% in rounds and revenue. Nationally, it’s estimated that 500,000 newbies took up the game. “The pandemic,” said Colorado Golf Association executive director Ed Mate, “was golf’s stimulus plan. No one saw this one coming. Now the question is: Can we keep it up, or is this just going to be a blip and we retreat back to business as usual?”

Considerations for Colorado’s food and beverage industry

The Colorado restaurant industry lost billions of dollars of revenue in 2020. But the industry is adapting. The expansion of beer, wine and spirits sales through takeout has been a lifeline for the industry, with 93% of eateries offering drinks to go and 24% statewide deriving at least one-fifth of their revenue this way, according to the association. Each shift, across every industry, has created its own challenges and opportunities.