Will mortgage rates rise in 2021?

The “market” is not believing the federal reserve that inflation will stay at historic lows and there is worry about the supply of bonds coming on the market from the recent 1.9 trillion stimulus coupled with talks of even more government spending.

Redefining Federal Control Over Waters of the United States

This article provides a short primer on water quality regulation, generally, but it is far too limited to address all the difficult issues surrounding these new rules. Thus, the focus will be on one of the more significant impacts to Colorado — the effects on programs to control the discharge of “dredge and fill” materials into waters of the state.

Colorado companies are investing in the arts

For 35 years, Colorado Business Committee for the Arts (CBCA) has advanced Colorado’s creative economy by connecting Colorado business and the arts. Over the years, that relationship has evolved in unexpected ways. This years 12 honorees were celebrated at the annual Business for the Arts Awards.

How to be happy at work

Happy employees are more productive employees, and research backs this notion up. This article evaluates the four key pillars of workplace happiness — Purpose, engagement, resilience and kindness — and how you can implement them into your workplace.