Beautiful Sweets

Added on: May 08, 2012

Littleton-based Beautiful Sweets is an earth-friendly and socially responsible gourmet food company that is committed to not only creating the most delicious organic baked goods possible, but also the most beautiful!  Our specialty is in the creation of colorful, all-natural sugar cookies; each one individually hand-baked and exquisitely decorated..

We are USDA Organic Certified and we're a growing company that would rather innovate than imitate! Beautiful Sweets produces organic cookies for virtually any occasion or event, with over 500 unique designs available on our web-site. Our cookies come in two sizes: a 2-3 inch size cookie that is found in our cookie gift sets (packaged in a group of four) and our party favor cookies which are generally 5-6 inches and come individually wrapped. The cookies are available in either vanilla or chocolate flavors. We are also currently working on developing a gluten-free line of organic cookies that we plan to soon offer.

Being a small company, we take great pride in our work, from baking each order fresh-to-order from the finest organic ingredients, to carefully packing each gift box using recycled eco-friendly materials. We offer top-notch, professional yet personal customer service that larger companies can't (or won't) offer. Each day we strive to live up to our motto that our cookies truly taste as good as they look!

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