Christopherson and Domo to transform travel management industry

Colorado collaboration introduces first-of-a-kind cloud apps for travel managers

With the dynamic pace of change in the travel management industry, Christopherson Business Travel and Domo announced three new travel management solutions built to deliver groundbreaking analytics and insights on an organization's travel budgets and spend. 

Since managers are inundated with data and information that tells different stories about the state of their budgets and spend. Domo and Christopherson teamed up to develop industry-first mobile solutions that leverage Christopherson's industry expertise and Domo's ground-breaking technology platform to help managers quickly gain powerful insights to improve compliance, negotiate rates and improve the overall traveler experience.

"The travel industry is becoming more complex and is ripe for disruption," says Jay Heglar, CSO at Domo. "While massive amounts of travel data exists, many organizations find it difficult to harness deep insights and quickly take action with this data. By bringing new solutions to market with Christopherson, we are making it easier for travel managers to rapidly respond to the needs of the business and be more impactful leaders in this time of dramatic change."

The new management solutions stemming from the collaboration insluce:

  • Travel Leakage Analyzer: This app allows travel managers to control and visualize "out-of-program" spend. Taking feeds Christopherson's AirPortal and financial systems such as Concur, NetSuite and QuickBooks, the Travel Leakage App visualizes where travel spend is in compliance, and more importantly, where it is not. Understanding where travel spend is happening outside of policy can help travel managers change the negative trend and more toward improving compliance. 
  • Hotel Spend Analyzer: This app instantly finds hotel spend or total nights in any area to help travel managers better negotiate contracts with vendors and improve the traveler experience. Domo takes multiple data feeds and matches them to deliver insights such as tracking total room nights, average daily rate and total spend in any custom region. Travel managers can instantly view all travel trends and spending across the globe by vendor, and are enabled with the information they need to negotiate better rates.
  • Travel Analytics: This dashboard contains a set of best-practice visualizations offered through Christopherson that help travel managers easily and intuitively connect multiple real-time travel data feeds into the Domo platform. These rapid deployment cards will make it fast and simple to put the relevant insights into the hands of travel executives and managers. 

"As a long-standing leader in the business travel industry, we view ourselves as a high-tech travel management firm," says Mike Cameron, CEO of Christopherson Business Travel. "As such, we offer industry-first technology that helps our customers solve their travel issues. 

Christopherson and Domo will be unveiling these new travel management solutions at the 2017 Global Business Travel Association Convention – the world's largest business travel event in Boston, Mass., July 15-19.


Located in the Denver Tech Center, Christopherson Business Travel is the independently owned leader in intelligent business travel management. The company was ranked as the 12th largest business travel agency in the U.S. by Business Travel News. Christopherson specializes in travel technology innovations, such as AirPortal, the industry's most robust travel management platform, and a consultative approach to account management.


Domo transforms the way business is managed by changing the relationships – from the CEO to the frontline worker – people have with data. Enterprise customers like Christopherson Business Travel choose Domo's cloud-based platform because it puts data directly into the hands of people across the organizations, offering ease of use, delivering powerful visualizations adn enabling effective decisions. 

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