Colorado Companies to Watch 2021: The Organizers

Get your ducks in a row with these companies
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Dietrich Partners


The way a company navigates hardship is often an indication of how primed it is for future success. For Dietrich Partners Executive Chair and founder Celia Dietrich, this came in 2018 when she was forced to rebuild her team from the ground up in order to re-establish a transparent culture she deemed vital to the company’s future. Dietrich Partners is a nationally recognized management consulting firm for middle market Fortune 500 companies.

Dietrich Partners prides itself on bringing out the best in the management groups it works with in order to maximize the potential that a company can be worth, especially when considering mid-market companies that have not had traditional avenues of support to stimulate growth.

Not only excelling in business, Dietrich Partners makes continuous impacts on Denver communities. Devoting significant amounts of time to work with nonprofits such as Food for Thought and Mile High United Way, employees at Dietrich Partners make sure that their company is known for what they do outside of the office, not just their successes that have come from their evolving business.

House of Revenue


House of Revenue provides companies with proven revenue scaling strategies and recommendations for new lines of business, diversification of revenue streams, and enhancements to their brand ethos.

Company CEO Mary Grothe also believes that a welcoming and nurturing company culture is one of the largest assets an employer can provide, and this realization has shaped her outlook on success, profit and client feedback, all of which has benefitted House of Revenue clients as well as employees. Grothe implemented a set of core values – “serve ourselves, serve our teammates, then our clients” – to ensure employees are recognized for their immense value.

In 2020, House of Revenue helped nine small businesses between $1 million and $15 million on average double their monthly revenue returns within 10 months, resulting in an ROI of 1,454% and average annual revenue growth eclipsing $3.2 million.

“With a 100% success rate, we believe that by bringing recommendations for new innovative products and services for our clients to market and sell, we allow them to rise above the competition quickly and profitably, smashing through revenue ceilings,” Grothe said.

Insight Designs Web Solutions


Insight Designs has been in the web development business since 1999, so one might think the company has grown comfortable with the way it operates. Not so. The company believes its best asset is its ability to continuously innovate. “Developing complex, custom software solutions is a capability that sets us apart from other web development shops,” a company spokesperson said. A prime example of this is Insight Designs’ development of the cloud-based photo and video-sharing service, ThisLife. Bought by Shutterfly in 2012, this project was far outside of Insight Designs comfort zone, but executing this project successfully gave it the confidence to continue to tackle new technologies and projects to this day.

New projects are not the only thing this company seeks, as Insight Designs is constantly looking for new ways to get involved in their community. Whether it is raising almost $100,000 for cancer research at the Children’s Hospital Colorado by taking part in the 155-mile Courage Classic bike ride through the Colorado Mountains or doing pro-bono work for the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, giving back to their community is at the heart of Insight Designs’ values.

Intelligent Demand


“Our founding vision is to be a world-class, modern B2B growth agency filled with incredible people and an incredible culture,” Intelligent Demand Chief Financial and Operating Officer Joel Mischke explains. Intelligent Demand is a full service, integrated marketing agency. Maintaining a focus on this vision is “pivotal, because while much has changed in the last 10 years, that originating vision hasn’t changed,” Mischke added. “We’ve just gotten more clear and better at knowing who we are as an organization and then becoming it.”

Intelligent Demands’ biggest key to success? Mischke believes it to be the company’s ability to identify how best it can serve a client, then apply that expertise to clients to help them realize their maximum potential. Intelligent Demand can thus operate as a full organization to the benefit of a client, not just separate branches of sales and marketing. With a focus on their integrated revenue program that “addresses needs not just in the marketing campaign but tangentially in the sales process, senior and executive consulting, and all other aspects of the revenue process,” Mischke and Intelligent Demand are expecting growth to continue for years to come.

Lobo Logistics

Few things have ever tested companies and their workforces like the COVID-19 pandemic. For Lobo Logistics, this was a testing time that saw many of its competitors’ crumble, but for Lobo Logistics it was more of a validation of its way of doing business and its ability to take care of employees. Coming through the pandemic with zero layoffs and a hand in the manufacturing of pandemic protective equipment, Lobo Logistics has taken adversity in stride and prospered.

In the energy sector where the majority of Lobo Logistics’ operations take place, the company not only provides clients with ESG savings, but leads by example. In the second quarter of 2021, Lobo Logistics planned to reduce carbon emissions by roughly 1.8 million pounds of CO2, the equivalent of the CO2 that is removed by 37,500 trees a year. Further, Lobo Logistics recently started working with a tech company that will allow Lobo Logistics to flex its logistical expertise and help to reduce its new partner’s environmental impact.

On Beat Digital

Fort Collins

Constant innovation is what On Beat Digital thrives on. On Beat Digital develops, delivers and deploys reliable and sustainable custom analytics-based software products, solutions and services. The company’s research and development program and its reliance on analytics acts as a catalyst for creating innovative techniques. But it hasn’t always won over prospective clients. For example, when On Beat Digital created a customer-centric deep learning model for a customer, the concept was rejected because it didn’t follow a traditional technique. Undeterred, On Beat continued to push the technology and eventually saw another customer use the model and experience an increase in forecasting accuracy by 50%.

The company is driven by its commitment to excellence. Whether that is a small business or a new market, On Beat Digital creates solutions that help to establish enduring relationships with customers.

“As a small company, we have been able to help small business that had not been previously able to have advanced digital marketing or analytics while also displacing large consulting at enterprise customers,” CEO Jesse Craig said. “We believe that the core of our success is our commitment to learning our customer’s business and becoming experts on their businesses and in their verticals.”

Packaging Express Inc.

Colorado Springs

You can learn a lot about a company by the people it employs. You can learn even more when the company’s first employee is still with it 23 years later. Packaging Express designs and manufactures custom packaging such as shipping containers, retail packaging, subscription boxes, point of purchase displays, catering trays, marketing boxes and more. Prioritizing the hiring of the best people creates a culture in which individual value is paramount and teamwork is second nature. At Packaging Express, employees are given the autonomy to experiment with new processes and embrace the spirit of entrepreneurial industry, and if they fail, the team knows the next solution is just around the corner. It helps that Packaging Express was created by Coloradans, employs Coloradans and continuously gives back to communities within Colorado. So, when customers see this first-hand, it encourages them to come back. It also helps that Package Express’ slogan is, “When yesterday is not soon enough!”

Packaging Express is involved with, among others, Discover Goodwill of Southern Colorado, Arrupe High School, and The Children’s Hospital of Southern Colorado. Loving the state you were raised in is one thing, but giving back and growing with your state epitomizes the concept of leading by example.

Phoenix Haus

Grand Junction

Phoenix Haus believes healthy homes are the way of the future and that more and more homebuyers will begin to flock to the home qualities Phoenix Haus has to offer. The company designs and builds pre-fabricated single family homes. Boasting dedicated fresh and filtered air systems, quality recycled or wood-based materials and spaces that are planned for multi-purpose use are the main elements of what put Phoenix Haus’ healthy homesteads ahead of the competition. According to the company’s website, its houses are 100% electric based and with the aid of solar panels can net zero energy use annually.

The most intriguing part of the healthy homesteads are the multiple customizable options that branch out from the base options provided. “We’ve been able to effectively shift the focus from traditional building methods to a standardized and customizable design and building platform,” CEO Bill McDonald said.

PIN Business Network

Greenwood Village

Data operations and marketing have long been a synergistic duo, but few companies are able to blend the two as seamlessly as the Pin Business Network (PIN). PIN aims to grow its clients’ businesses through the use of Prometheus Intelligence Technology, which privatizes clients’ data and provides analytics that act as the catalyst areas of growth. PIN exemplifies the idea that companies should be able to learn and grow with other companies, but not be forced to share mountains of data to do so. “We are more than just another marketing agency because of the breadth of our services combined with our machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities that we’ve built,” a company spokesperson said.

PIN is also heavily involved in charity, so much so that it created its own foundation called PIN Gives. The foundation supports causes such as the Children’s Diabetes Foundation, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and the Children’s Heart Foundation. Employees also do their part as many helped to create digital marketing tools that restaurants and other small businesses could utilize free of charge as they rebounded from the effects of COVID.

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