Colorado Companies to Watch spotlight: Chromatic Technologies

Snapshot: Chromatic Technologies manufactures thermochromic (temperature-sensitive) and photochromic (light-sensitive) inks and coatings, primarily for the beverage market. Colors and patterns change colors due to light or temperature. The company also has developed security coatings for the anti-counterfeit industry.

Leadership: President Lyle Small founded the Colorado Springs company in 1993. Revenues increased 25 percent in 2011 and are projected to grow 10 percent this year.

Work force: The company employed 38 full-time workers in 2011 and expects to add four more this year.

Pivotal moments: In 2007, Coors integrated thermochromic inks into a significant marketing campaign that changed the business.

Technological edge: In 1999, CTI succeeded in encapsulating its own thermochromic pigments, which greatly enhanced the profit potential for the company.

Company culture: CTI has been active in community activities such as Colorado Springs’ Ronald McDonald House, the Boys and Girls Club of Southern Colorado and the U.S. Marine Corps’ Toys for Tots efforts. Employee benefits include smoking-cessation programs and wellness activities, healthful living promotions, gym memberships and training for employees in personal finance and retirement planning.

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