Colorado Cool Stuff: Bouré bicycle clothing

Drew Bourey started Bouré in Tucson in 1988 after a two-week crash course from a friend. Bourey, who was racing bikes at the time, moved his fledgling manufacturer to Durango a year later and partnered with Ned Overend to make jerseys, shorts, tights and other clothing, slowly and steadily growing the business.


In the 1990s, however, “The screws got tightened on domestic manufacturing,” Bourey says. “We never really had the desire or the size to go offshore. Luckily for us, the Internet popped up around this time.” Bourey successfully steered the company into direct e-commerce, with a focus on function and durability over fashion. “We don’t come out with a new line every year,” he says. “If it doesn’t wear out, you don’t want a neon green jacket 10 years after it’s out of style.” Most items: $75 to $150 retail.

Made by Bouré Sportswear Inc., Durango, (888) 889-9242, Also available at several bicycle stores throughout Colorado.

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