Colorado Cool Stuff: Char Bloom fishing vests

After she got into fly-fishing in the mid-1990s, Char Bloom found that the gear wasn’t designed with a woman in mind. “They lacked color and style,” she recalls. “Since I was living in mine, I also found they lacked organization.”

Before long, Bloom was teaching and guiding, and decided to fill the void for a woman’s vest herself. In 2004, she perfected her design, found a manufacturer and began selling her vests online. Bloom’s stylish and orderly vests are not khaki or green; rather, they’re pink or spruce. While she runs her fishing-vest business for profit, Bloom donates her income from guiding and teaching to her former CU footballer son Jeremy Bloom’s Wish of a Lifetime charity. Vests: $85 retail.

Made by Char Bloom LLC, Keystone, (970) 262-2427 [CHAR],

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